My Country, Twas Nice to Know Ye …

Election 2012 Sorrow

It’s the morning after Election 2012.

Wow. I didn’t see that one coming.

Or maybe I did, but I was hoping and praying to hold it off another few decades.

Didn’t work.

How could Obama Win a Second Term?

The big question: how could Obama win a second term? This is a man who lost millions of jobs and presided over a recession/near depression for his entire presidency.

This is a man who went to sleep knowing our people in Benghazi were being attacked and killed.

This is a man who advocates killing the unborn, and financing the slaughter with your money, and mine.

And yet. This is also a man who “gave” (using others’ funding) a few weeks months years of unemployment pay, just for sitting on one’s duff. A man who offered “free” healthcare to the losers of life’s lottery. A man who promised more teachers, more PBS funding, more Ding Dongs, more Twinkies, more anything you could want. Why not? We already are 16 trillion dollars in debt. What’s another trillion, give or take?

My confidence, apparently grievously misplaced, was that voters would not re-elect such a candidate.

Obama again: What to do?

I woke up this morning, feeling a bit like the guy who jumped to earth from 23 miles in the air. I’m in free fall now, spinning head over heels, and I don’t know how to get out of the spin. It’s like everything I grew up knowing to be true has changed.

I grew up valuing hard work. What’s the point of that now? Should I continue to take jobs, knowing that a higher and higher portion of my earnings will be confiscated? Should I continue to work and just consider it charity? Will God accept taxes as a tithe?

It’s horribly confusing in an ache-in-your-stomach kind of way.

Should schools keep teaching kids career skills? Really, why? Perhaps, instead of teaching them to write checks and budget their money, they should offer classes on how to play the system. “How to get maximum health benefits at no cost,” “How to get maximum food and toys for your kids at Christmas from charities.” That sort of thing.

Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter.  ~ Isaiah 5:20

Is it Enough to Do What’s Right, Even When it’s Punished?

The big dilemma is, do we keep doing right even when that means we’ll be taken advantage of? Should those of us who work continue, even knowing that we will not be rewarded for it?

I felt instinctively that Romney was right about 47% of the population not voting for him because he didn’t offer them freebies. Sadly, he appears to have underestimated that by a bit. At this rate, how much longer can our country survive? I didn’t think we were this far gone already, but apparently we are. I foresee more and more horses stepping away from the cart, and where will that leave the riders? How long can we continue to borrow from … who are we borrowing from, anyone? The Chinese?

As a writer, I think this is a great book premise (I’m just sorry to be living it): how do people live when the rules are turned upside down? When what was once considered “bad” is now considered “good”?

How the Bible Fits In

As a Christian, I’m most interested in Biblical applications to all this. I just keep thinking of Moses and Pharaoh. The first several times Moses visited Pharaoh to ask him to let the Israelites go, Pharaoh hardened his heart and said no. But after a while, the text changes slightly and we read that Pharaoh no longer hardened his heart, God hardened it for him.

I fear that God has hardened America’s heart. Millions prayed for this election. Perhaps God is giving us what we deserve.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.  ~John 16:33

7 thoughts on “My Country, Twas Nice to Know Ye …

  1. My biggest grief is for my children and grandchildren. They go as lambs to the slaughter. What other choice do they have?

  2. Luke 13:34 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!”

    It’s a shame that our country can’t remember her motto. In GOD we trust.

  3. Colleges in my area are already teaching how to play the system. “Get a loan!” is the battle cry. Teachers tell the students they are there to learn to work for a corporation. Hence, they teach group projects: all grades are equal for the entire group no matter who does the project. I cry for my children. I cry for the men, women and children who will never know the respect of earning a decent day’s pay.
    But I can teach my children. I can help them see the errors of “free stuff” because nothing in this world is free. And I can teach them to love the Lord, their God with all their hearts, all their minds and all their souls.
    We need to pick up our pieces and move forward. We know not what God has in store for those that love Him.

  4. I share your sorrow! Today I feel so helpless and hopeless, but yet I know that God is still in control. In God we trust as our very real help in these troubled times. Maybe the hurricane Sandy played a role in the Republican loss of the election, but I think that the changing nature of our nation’s people had more to do with it. So many have become so greedy and expectant of FREEBIES
    that they cannot perceive the end game ahead as long as they get instant gratification. Wise men have long said that a democratic republic only lasts around 200 years before it crumbles and falls. Since our nation was founded in 1776, we are well past the 200 years. Unfortunately most citizens do not study history or even keep abreast with current events, making them vulnerable to campaign lies and unfair ads. This election has been the biggest wake-up call ever to get active and help to clean up the mess. God bless us and guide us out of this path of destruction hard upon us! Pray for courage and wisdom and strength to go on from here and continue to work and believe and keep ourselves worthy of God’s promises.

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