Meet Mitt Romney’s Sons and Grandkids

Sure, you know Mitt and Ann Romney have five sons. Here’s a little bit more information about them.

Meet Mitt Romney’s Sons and Grandkids — Tagg Romney

There’s no denying that the Romney family contains some weird names. Mitt? Tagg? Whatever. Oldest Romney son is Taggart “Tagg.”  He was born in 1970 and is married to Jennifer and is a managing partner with Solamere Capital, living outside Boston. Jennifer and Tagg have six children, including twin boys born last May via a surrogate. One of their other children was also born via a surrogate.

Matt Romney

One year after Tagg arrived, the Romneys welcomed son Matt. Maybe they were too tired to come up with an unusual name this time? Matt is Senior Vice President of Capital Markets at Excel Trust, is married to Laurie, lives in San Diego, and has 3 children.

Josh Romney

Born in 1974, Josh Romney lives in Salt Lake City and is a real estate developer and the owner of Romney Ventures. He’s the son who has shown the most interest in going into politics, is married to Jen, and has five children.

Ben Romney

Ben arrived in 1978 and has followed a different path than his brothers. He is a doctor of internal medicine and is the only blonde son. He’s married to Andelyne, and they live in Boston. They have a daughter, and also a yorkie-poodle mix that Mitt calls his “grand dog.” Awwww …

Craig Romney

Craig, the baby of the Romney boys, was born in 1981. He works in real estate in San Diego, is married to Mary, and they have three kids. Craig appears to have the fun-loving, laid-back personality known to youngest kids everywhere. In most photos, he’s sporting a big smile. Here, he is shown a few years ago, dressing up as his dad Mitt for Halloween.

Update: Craig and Mary welcomed twins on Valentine’s Day, 2013.

All those BOYS!

How does Ann Romney feel about having so many boys? “Well, it was in those days when you never knew what you were having, and so each time I’m like, ‘You’re kidding. No, you’re kidding.’ By the fifth time I was like, ‘I’m finished! This isn’t changing, this isn’t gonna get any better.’ And it’s so funny that Craig, who was my fifth, was the most delightful, the most easygoing, the most wonderful child, and I was so disappointed that he was a boy. But you get over it,” she said in an interview for O Magazine.

Romney Grandchildren

If Mitt makes it to the White House, his 18 grandchildren will be a record. He and Ann are known as “Papa” and “Mamie” to their grandkids. It’s hard to find a photo with the entire brood, since grandchildren are added so often.

The boy-heavy Romney trend has continued. The five Romney sons have produced 5 girls and 13 more boys.

All Mitt Romney’s sons attended Brigham Young University, as did their parents. Three attended Harvard Business School.

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  1. I admire them for having a decent family. The fact Mitt and Ann are still together is a bit unusual these days, too. Mormans stress right living.

  2. Thanks for the interesting rundown on the 5 Romney sons and their families. All very interesting info! What a good-looking family they all are! I can’t imagine having them all home for Christmas. That would be something to witness. Evidently there is no “dirt” on the Romney bunch, because if anything were amiss no doubt the Libs and Dems would have told us by now. I loved seeing 4 of the Romney brothers there backing their famous father in Denver on Wednesday evening at the first Debate. What a proud moment in time for the entire clan! A big win was just what the doctor ordered, even though he wasn’t there that night because he was very busy attending to his patients, according to FOX NEWS.

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