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LIfe with LillyGuest post by Sophie, age 11:

Life with Lily is, I think, a book aimed for kids 8-12.  In it, Lily tells of her adventures in daily life, including:

  • A new school
  • A mean neighbor
  • Mandy Mast, a girl intent upon making Lily’s life miserable.
  • New farm animals
  • Mama’s baby

While reading this book, it occurred to me how many tragedies took place in this book.   On the other hand, lots of other more pleasing events came up.

This book is about an average Amish girl growing up in New York.   Lily often marvels at vans and cars, as she is used to riding in buggies.  At one point, she thought about how, while riding in a buggy, she liked to watch birds flying from branch to branch.  While she rode in a van, she couldn’t even see the branches!

“Life with Lily” is a good book for people who like to move on from things.  In this book, when things happen, they happen and are never heard of in the book again.  For instance, when her younger brother broke his arm, he went to the hospital, got a cast, went home, but never again was his arm mentioned.

This was a “yes” book for me, and I liked that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, there were some mean characters in it.  It left me hungry for the next book, “New Home For Lily”.  I hope to be able to review that book as well!

Life with Lily is available through Revell. Thanks to them for a review copy.

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  1. That was a good review, Sophie. It sounds like an interesting book!

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