Mad King Ludwig’s Beautiful Murals

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If you’ve read much at all about Mad King Ludwig II, you know that he was a total sucker for brightly colored, large, dramatic murals. A good example is his study at Neuschwanstein. Check out the walls, with scenes depicting ancient German legends and/or Wagner operas.

At another of his palaces, Linderhof, Ludwig wasn’t content to confine his murals to the castle. He even added a large one to an outdoor cave — his Venus Grotto.

Ludwig was decidedly eccentric. But before we brand him as a total oddball for his love of big art, hold on. Have you visited Bavaria, the area of Germany where he lived? I have, and even today it’s a totally different world from the USA.

You run across buildings like this all the time.

They’re so neat. I wouldn’t want to drive here, because I’d surely have an accident as I tried to take in all the details. Many buildings depict fairy tales. Here, Little Red Riding Hood.

Oberammergau, home of the famous Passion Play, is in Bavaria. Numerous buildings depict Christian themes:

Seeing the beautiful scenes Ludwig grew up with, I think it’s easier to understand his love for art. I can see how he’d want to have all that beauty surrounding him inside his homes, since his shyness preventing him from venturing out in public much.

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  2. Oberammergau was one of my favorite places to visit when I lived in Germany. There really are so many beautiful cities within the country, but the Bavarian region really is unique unto itself.

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