Not So Happily Ever After book tour: Hopewell Takes on LIFE!

Welcome to Mad King Ludwig’s blog book tour! Today, please join me at Hopewelll Takes On LIFE!, where you’ll learn some fun facts about the house of Wittelsbach — Mad King Ludwig’s family. Hopewell, aka librarian Lisa, has been my cyber friend for years.

How long did the Wittelsbachs rule? Was Ludwig the only — er, eccentric one? Find out as we celebrate the launch of  “Not So Happily Ever After: The Tale of King Ludwig II.”

Mad King LudwigThanks, Hopewell, for hosting us today!

Thursday: I’ll be at Educational Travel, sharing some ideas you can use to teach your children about Ludwig and his most famous castle, Neuschwanstein. You’ll want to check out some very cool giveaways of the book over there as well.

Friday: Flying on over to An Arrow Through the Air where author David Todd interviews me about the Ludwig book.

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  1. What a fun article on Ludwig’s family! To say they were eccentric is putting it mildly. I’m eager to get my hands on your new book. It sounds very interesting.

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