Princess Eugenie Gets her College Degree

Princess Eugenie Gets her College Degree

In royal news, congrats go out to Princess Eugenie, younger daughter of the Queen’s son Prince Andrew and his ex, Sarah Ferguson. Eugenie graduated from Newcastle University last month with a double major in English literature and art history (maybe she and Kate Middleton are good buds — Kate’s college degree is in art history as well).

Just a year earlier, Eugenie’s older sister Beatrice graduated from Goldsmiths College with her own double degree, in history and “the history of ideas” (philosophy, I guess?). There she is, with dad Prince Andrew (who looks like he’s really aged lately; he used to be the real looker of the Queen’s 3 boys) and mom Fergie, who is doing some odd Angelina Jolie-type thing with her leg. And not to be mean, but what happened to her face?

I remember when Beatrice was born, on 8-8-88. I guess yesterday was her birthday; happy 24th, Beatrice!

It’s nice to see the girls doing well — I’ll confess I wondered what they were up to when their most recent fame seemed to come from their iffy hat choices at William and Kate’s wedding.

At fifth and sixth in line to the throne, the girls didn’t have the pressure many kids have to choose a major that would lead to a well-paying job. Instead, Beatrice will “broaden her knowledge and experience to complement her position as a member of the Royal Family,” a royal spokesman said. Presumably this is true for Eugenie as well — nice gigs, if you can get them.

2 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie Gets her College Degree

  1. I always think of Beatrice on 8-8–such an interesting birth DATE. Poor girls are “damned if they do, damned if they don’t.” If they work for a living then they get accused of using their “royal status” to get a job. If they don’t work then they’re accused of being “parasites” and living off the people’s money. I think Andrew and Sarah have been tremendous parents–you never hear of them bickering over custody or doing Di/Chuck things. These girls should be able to have normal lives like Princess Margaret’s children and Princess Anne’s. Do you think Andrew borrows Mummy’s white hair rinse? I’ve noticed the “brightness” of it in many recent photos!

  2. I’m glad to know the royal girls received their college degrees. You’d never know it, based on their choice of hats!

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