National Constitution Center Signers’ Hall

One of the Philadelphia highlights of last month’s “Cradle of Liberty” tour was the Signers’ Hall at the National Constitution Center.

Signers' Hall, National Constitution CenterThe exhibit features life-size bronze statutes of 42 men: the 39 delegates who signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787, as well as the three who refused. Painstaking effort was made to reproduce the signers as accurately as possible regarding height, dress, facial features, etc. I read that there was only one where they had to pretty much guess as to his appearance.

National Constitution Center Signers' Hall, George WashingtonYou can see just how tall George Washington really was.

National Constitution Center, Signers' Hall, Ben FranklinBen Franklin’s a bit shinier than the others. Why? Apparently, people love to shake his hand, resulting in the outer layer of bronze being rubbed away.

Fun facts about the founders:

  • Their average age was 42. All were men.
  • They spent four months behind closed doors writing the Constitution.
  • In the end, three refused to sign what they viewed as a flawed document.

3 thoughts on “National Constitution Center Signers’ Hall

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for posting it. I wonder if today’s politicians would be willing to spend four months sequestered in order to create such an important document.

  2. I am so happy you & Sophie got to go see this! Looks very interesting. I didn’t even know it existed. I didn’t realize George Washington was that tall. Wonder who was taller – Lincoln or Washington?

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