Great Expectations: Review

Great Expectations DickensMy daughter read “Great Expectations” for school this spring, and it made me realize I hadn’t read it. I remembered eerie Miss Havisham, but I’m thinking when I was in school we must have just read an excerpt – I don’t remember the whole book. Then, PBS put a new version on TV, so I watched that. I have to say that it reinforced my idea that it is a bad idea to watch the movie before reading the book. It makes me impatient, and I prefer getting my idea of various characters myself before seeing someone else’s version.

Anyway, I liked “Great Expectations” okay. Just okay. Many classics leave me sighing and wanting more, and this one, not so much. I thought Pip was pretty much a big jerk, not appreciating all the people who had been so kind to him. Also I wasn’t a fan of Estella, who seemed cold and mean. I loved Joe, the brother-in-law who pretty much raised Pip, and Biddy, the servant. I was so glad that Joe and Biddy got married in the end – I was really afraid she’d end up with Pip, who didn’t deserve her.

There were numerous places in this very long book where I’d think, Huh? I vaguely remember Mr. Tiddlywinks, but I forget his significance to the story, etc. I suppose the big idea I took from the book was that fortunes can change, and that one can never predict how things will turn out in life. Recommended, tepidly, if you have the patience and just want to say you’ve read it.

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  1. I appreciate your thoughts about how fortunes CAN change and we never know how things in life will turn out. Each year I observe some things happening that I just never would have ever expected to see! You just NEVER know!

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