Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday! Summertime … and I don’ t really feel like cooking? Anyone else? Regardless, the family still feels like eating. Here’s the plan:

Monday: it’s fair week here. Each night, volunteers make a home-cooked meal and I think we’ll eat at the fair, since daughter #3 has dress review.

Tuesday: The Meijer ad had an insert of “5 meals for $50.” One night featured kabobs, made with chicken, mushrooms, green peppers, etc. on the grill. Now I don’t know how to use our grill … it’s been used once, by my husband, who is gone. I have a little Foreman grill, and I may try making these on that. Could be interesting …

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie – the recipe I have is my cousin’s; it looks pretty close to this.

Thursday: Spaghetti – one daughter requested it. Probably nothing special; just pasta and Ragu sauce, French bread in the bread machine and a veggie.

Friday: Pierogies maybe? Told you I’m not in much of a cooking mood 😉

Oh, and since it’s cooking day: fair results for foods were an honor class ribbon for daughter #3 on her cake, reserve champion for her microwave brownies, and reserve champion for her frozen pizza as well. The pizza gets to go to state fair. This is the first time we’ve had food go to the state fair. Daughter #1 got her first red ribbon on her invented snack (oh well, I think a red ribbon or two builds character) and a blue ribbon on her microwave candy.

What’s for dinner at your place this week?


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Believe it or not, I’ll be cooking this week! Wish me well!

  2. Thank you for sharing your menu plan. The chicken pot pie sounds wonderful!

    I noticed you are reading “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson. I read that book a little bit ago and it is an excellent book.

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