Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu plan for the week:

Monday: Pinto and Rice Burgers – actually, I made these last week. They were just okay. Let’s face it: a burger made of beans and rice is pretty healthy. I can only gear up for that much healthiness occasionally.

Tuesday: Cheesy Lentil Loaf – thanks, Toy Lady 🙂 I just made a dish with lentils last week and enjoyed it. They’re filling without being heavy and fattening.

Wednesday: Cheese-Stuffed Breadsticks. Yummy!

Thursday: VanKamp’s fish – filets in the freezer. Also rice and a veggie.

Friday: Skillet Taco Pie

Do you need an easy dessert? My youngest daughter is taking microwave in 4-H, and has to make microwave brownies. I know it sounds kind of weird to make a pan of brownies in the microwave, but she tried this recipe and it was really good. AND we had hot fresh brownies in 4 minutes!


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  1. All sounds nice. I gave up trying to plan meals until school starts back up. I never know who will be home etc. It’s fine since it’s just for the summer!

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