Menu Plan Monday: School is Out!


menuplanmondayTuesday is our final day of school — hard to believe! I don’t know if I can remember a year the kids got out in May. I’m sure school officials counted on having to add on a few days for missed snow days, but that didn’t happen this year. This ushers in summer eating, which in reality isn’t much different than the rest of the year.

Monday: Leftover buffet. Come and get it!

Tuesday: Thai Pizza – my friend Lisa says this is great. It looks yummy, and I’ll probably one of these and one “regular” to appease the pickier eaters in the family.

Wednesday: Stir fry: I cook a chicken breast (cut into pieces), one chopped carrot, a bag of bean sprouts, and snow peas in soy sauce until done. Serve with rice. My inspiration here was the snow peas: in spite of the drought here (no rain in over three weeks now), and the lack of basically ANYTHING in the garden, I do have snow peas. So we are eating them!

Thursday: 40 Clove Garlic Chicken – I read about this and it sounds interesting, although … 40 cloves? Not sure I’ll use that much. I’ll also put in chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken.

Friday: Fish night – I think I have a box of frozen Van Kamp’s fish, which I’ll serve with rice and a veggie.


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: School is Out!

  1. I am surprised to know your snow peas are already bearing. I’ll have to check the ones in our garden. When you freeze them, do you first blanch them?

  2. Yes, I do blanch them. They freeze nicely individually that way.

  3. Hello,

    I just stopped by your blog as I gave Writing by Candlelight an award and she had to give us seven blogs. I love your blog and will be stopping by to read more. God Bless, SR

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