Yellow Woodsorrel — One of the “Good Weeds”

Long-time readers may remember that my youngest daughter takes Weeds as a 4-H project. When she first showed interest in this, I wondered who would want to learn more about weeds? They were the bane of my existence in the garden, growing where I could get nothing else to thrive.

But since her study, I’ve gotten interested in weeds. And I’ve learned that some plants classified as weeds are actually — um, pretty. Some of them are sort of like wildflowers, “good weeds,” I call them. Kind of like Glinda in The Wizard of Oz: “Are you a good witch, or are you a bad witch?” I suppose a weed is in the eye of the beholder.

One little weed I like is called yellow woodsorrel (oxalis stricta, if you want to get scientific). yellow woodsorrelHere’s some growing in my front flower bed. I know there’s a lot going on here, but the woodsorrel is the green clovers and the little yellow flowers. I’d say yellow woodsorrel is one of the “good weeds.”

It’s so delicate and cute that I decided it could stay. You’ll find it in gardens, fields, and yards. The flowers open up in the sunlight and are closed when it’s darker out.

A little research reveals that the leaves and flowers can be added to salads. Hmmm … The whole plant can supposedly be brewed . Don’t think I’ll be trying that.

Next time you’re out, look around. See any yellow woodsorrel?

3 thoughts on “Yellow Woodsorrel — One of the “Good Weeds”

  1. Another weed that fascinates me is Queen Anne’s Lace. My dad fought that everywhere on our farm. Now it’s considered to be a flower. In fact, your youngest cousin had some in her bridal bouquet. I told her her grandfather must be rolling in his grave!

  2. This was always one of my favorite snacks when I was out exploring in the summer growing up. If you’ve never tried it, it’s sweet and lemony.

  3. Yeah its pretty but it takes over and spreads faster than Bermuda grass.

    You want a front lawn with grass? No, sorry, wood sorrel says no…lol

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