Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Spring Break treat: heading to Chicago for a day at the Museum of Science and Industry. I hadn’t been there since 2005, but I remembered several things. When I taught sixth grade (in the early ’90s), we took our class there each spring (and to Shedd’s Aquarium as well). It was neat to walk by certain places and think, Oh yeah, I remember seeing this with a group of kids years ago.

Just a fly-by look (this is spring break, and I’m having a hard time posting this week):

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Boeing 727 wingSitting inside the engine on the wing of a Boeing 727.

Museum of Science and Industry Great Train StoryThe Great Train Story, a model train scene showing Chicago all the way to Washington state.

U505 Museum of Science and IndustryU-505 Submarine — This has just been inside here since 2004. It’s huge, and it was really interesting to read about how we captured it back during WWII, as well as how they constructed a wing of the building just to house it.

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry A grand vista!

Swiss Jolly Ball Museum of Science and Industry largest flipper machineSwiss Jolly Ball, world’s largest flipper machine. A ball travels throughout all the main tourist attractions of Switzerland. An inventor created it from junk!

No photos of my favorite exhibit, Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle — just too dark in there.

I also love that the museum is housed in one of the few remaining buildings from the 1893 Columbian Exhibition/World’s Fair of “Devil in the White City” fame.

If you’ve been to the museum, what’s your favorite exhibit?

Happy Easter to each of you!