Royalty Watch: Prince Friso of the Netherlands

Royalty Watch: Prince Friso of the Netherlands

Old-timers know I’m a royalty junkie. My royalty fixation began with Princess Diana, spread throughout the entire British royal family, and also includes historic royals like Henry VIII and Bavarian King Ludwig II.

One royal new to me, and perhaps to you as well, is Prince Friso of the Netherlands.

When I first saw him, I’ll have to admit that my thought was, Oh, another slightly nerdy prince landing a model-type bride.

But Johan Friso has a bit of an interesting history. He was second in line to the Dutch throne currently held by his mother, Queen Beatrix. His older brother, Willem-Alexander, is first in line, although Friso is the most popular of the three Dutch princes. Now 43, he gave up his place in the succession to marry Mabel in 2004. Why? He needed parliament’s permission to marry, and since Mabel had had a relationship with a Dutch drug baron and mafia figure, Prince Friso decided perhaps it was better not to ask.

He’s more academic than his two brothers and works in London, at times for Goldman Sachs, also as a company CFO, and managing the fortunes of the Dutch royals as well.

He and Mabel have two daughters, Luana (6) and Zaria (5).

But things changed on February 17, when Prince Friso was buried under an avalanche during a ski trip to Austria. He was without oxygen for 20 minutes, and since then he has been hospitalized in a coma.

Doctors are unsure whether he’ll ever regain consciousness, and last month he was moved from Austria to a London hospital, since there are none in the Netherlands able to treat him. An MRI has shown extensive brain damage.

A sad royal tale … if you’re so inclined, I’m sure prayers for the Prince and his family would be appreciated.

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  1. That just reminds us that troubles befall the wealthy the same as we common folk.

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