Chicago Fun, Part 2

More notes from my recent Chicago trip with my daughter’s class … fun in Chicago with kids!
Chicago Navy Pier ShakespeareIf you’re ever visiting Chicago’s Navy Pier, take in a performance at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I’ve been there before (twice, in fact), but each time I’m amazed at the way the actors can cram the gist of an entire Shakespeare play into a 90-minute performance that keeps a bunch of fifth graders glued to their seats. I think this production (The Taming of the Shrew) was my least favorite of the three I’ve seen, mainly because I’m a little iffy on its message, but still – go. You’ll enjoy it.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy PierOf course, these are fifth graders. Not even the Bard can beat cool, wavy mirrors.

Chicago Navy Pier mirrorsAnd since we were in Chicago, some yummy, overpriced, deep-dish pizza was in order.

Chicago deep-dish pizza Navy PierA few relaxing hours at the Chicago Art Institute, and then we needed to eat again. On to Ed Debevic’s, which I enjoyed the first time, tolerated the second, and was ready to end the experience by this third time. It’s a burger joint famous for the employees insulting patrons in a rude, fake-theatrical way. Fifth graders love it. Adults (well, this adult), well — a little goes a long way.

Ed Debevic's ChicagoStill, the place has an undeniable atmosphere. When the employees burst into an impromptu dance to “YMCA,” I thought a few of the kids might hyperventilate.

It was a fun day in Chicago with kids. What’s your favorite Chicago spot?

3 thoughts on “Chicago Fun, Part 2

  1. My rare trips to Chicago have been to the American Girl Store, complete with eating a meal in the dining room. Each time is a great memory.

  2. Personally, I love Chicago only as a place to visit and NEVER to live. I enjoy The Magnificent Mile, The Loop, Lake Shore Drive, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, and plays that you can attend when there, like JERSEY BOYS. The famous Walnut Room restaurant at what used to be Marshall Fields (now Macy’s) was so upscale, elegant, and with a great view up there among the skyscrapers that I found fascinating. As for Ed Debevics, I decided that twice was enough for me, but I can see why 5th graders would dig it. It seems to still be one of the places to go in Chicago. To narrow it down, I have to pick Lake Shore Drive with the view of Lake Michigan and Buckingham Fountain in the background as my favorite of all.

  3. I’d love to go there some time, but that’s unlikely. The only time I’ve been there was on an interstate flying through and praying I didn’t break down, and in the airport. I can’t say that either of those places was a favorite. I’d love to go there some time when the place is decorated for Christmas, as I’ve heard that is beautiful. Again, not likely to happen.

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