Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday again!

I’m excited to see strawberries $1 per pound at Meijer again this week. Stock up (I will be), and try making strawberry freezer jam or having strawberry shortcake for dinner one night. Yum!

Monday: Southwest Chicken Lasagna

Tuesday: Fish – I have some Gorton’s filets in the freezer from a sale a few weeks ago. Probably rice and a vegetable also.

Wednesday: Strawberry shortcake (I was serious!)

Thursday: Pierogies – I buy the boxes of Mrs. T’s which are on sale frequently. Just boil and serve with pasta sauce and a vegetable. Easy and good!

Friday: White Chicken Lasagna – I know, it’s 2 lasagnas in a week, but they’re quite different from each other. It’s also already in the freezer, having been made during an earlier cooking session.

So, it’s an easy cooking week here. All of us need that from time to time.


6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. We had pierogies last night – they’re like Polish ravioli – they’re pasta stuffed with (usually) mashed potatoes.

    We like to saute them with onions or garlic.

  2. We pretty Ukranian about Pierogis–butter and sour cream and maybe sprinkle a few finely chopped green onions. They vanish when I do this! They also still love cheese ravioli plain–like a similar Ukrainian pasta. I toss them with a little olive oil (NOT Ukrainian!) and they usually do “Italian-ize” them with Parmasean, but pasta sauce on Pierogies! No way! lol…..

    Your lasagna dish sounds good!

  3. Your menu is fabulous! I am going to have to try that Southwest Chicken Lasagna. How good is that! You have a spectacular menu!

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