McCall’s magazine, June 1962

Recently I became the recipient of a few old magazines. It’s been really interesting to page through them. One is a McCall’s magazine, from June 1962, two years before I was born.

Hammond organ ad 1962Open up the magazine, and what is on the first page, prime advertising space? No makeup ads or clothing, nope — it’s a full-page spread for a Hammond organ! Can you imagine this ad leading you into a current magazine?

A June Cleaver-type mom, complete with pearls, is playing the organ: “Playing-type music pours out of you … bursts out, sometimes … and takes with it any small shreds of discontent and tension you may have been carrying around.” Goodbye, Prozac, hello Hammond organ!

And you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that “(after a few simple lessons) … the music you make can make you want to LAUGH or SHOUT or MARCH or DANCE or CRY or PRAY. And that music can almost always turn a family-ful of noisy kids into quiet, listening angels.” I am not making this up. I couldn’t make up copy this good :).

How many of these exact same organs are now sitting in basements and Goodwill stores everywhere? Quite a few, I bet. My mamaw had one in her living room. I tried valiantly to play a little Bach on it, but all she wanted to know was, “Do you know anything by the Oak Ridge Boys?” A prophet is always without honor in his (her) own hometown.

4 thoughts on “McCall’s magazine, June 1962

  1. I love to look at old ads. One of the tragedies of moving newspaper and magazine archives to online (instead of microfilm) is the loss of the ads. These are valuable and finding them can be difficult. I’ve research ads for legal cases and it’s often challenging to find one in from the “microfilm only” or “online only” eras. Many libraries stopped binding print copies, or have had to weed them for space, thus sacrificing a piece of commercial history.

  2. This ad was produced a few months after I graduated from high school. Those were the days! If only life were as simple now….

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