Adele: Top 10 Fun Facts


Sure, you know that Adele is nominated for six Grammy awards this year. You know she’ll be performing at the awards, her first time since having vocal chord surgery in November 2011.

But did you know these Adele facts …

  • She’s liberal. She appeared on the same episode of “Saturday Night Live” as Sarah Palin, and met the conservative sweetheart,  “but I didn’t want to,” said Adele, “I was avoiding it…I had a big Obama pin on.” But the huge audience Palin attracted was good for the singer – her album 19 flew to the top of iTunes charts the next day.
  • Despite her many performances, Adele still admits to stage fright. She’s been known to throw up prior to performing (once on someone), and suffers from panic attacks.
  • No starving for this singer: “I don’t like going to the gym,” Adele has said. “I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine.” And if that’s not the norm, the singer doesn’t care. “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”
  • She hasn’t always made wise choices on relationships. In 2008, she cancelled US tour dates to be with a boyfriend. “I was drinking far too much and that was … the basis of my relationship with this boy,” the “Turning Tables” singer has said.
  • The multiple Grammy winner broke up with that boy, and the experience inspired much of her album 21. “He made me an adult, and put me on the road I am traveling now,” Adele explained.
  • Adele was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins in 1988, to a single mom who was 18. Adele’s dad left when the future singer was two. He became an alcoholic, and today Adele wants nothing to do with him.
  • She began singing at age four, and credits the Spice Girls for inspiring her to sing as a career.
  • Adele wrote her debut song, “Hometown Glory,” at age 16. It was released in October 2007.
  • The singer is a fan of Sands charity, which supports those affected by the loss of a baby. She has encouraged those receiving free tickets to her concerts to contribute $20 to the charity.
  • Although she’s kept the entire pregnancy and birth very quiet, Adele and fiance Simon Konecki had a baby boy October 19.

Adele’s habits aren’t the healthiest: when on tour, her requests include a pack of Marlboro Lights, two bottles of quality red wine, and a variety of European beers.

One of my daughters has downloaded some of Adele’s music and plays it on the piano. It’s pretty!

7 thoughts on “Adele: Top 10 Fun Facts

  1. I was not aware of ever hearing about Adele until I read this blog today. Then tonight on the evening news they did a segment about her health. Isn’t it interesting how often we are introduced to things and then, suddenly, they begin popping up here, there, and everywhere?

  2. Adele is my idol i love her and this helped me with the report im supose to be doing on my idol

  3. I’m pretty sure Adele had some sort of a relationship with her father up until her teens.

  4. Adele’s parents got divorced when she was 3 because her father was an alcoholic. As of early 2012, she still hadn’t forgiven him. Therefore, to say that Adele “never knew her father” is a bit of a stretch.

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