Susan G. Komen Foundation – Helping Women, or Just Wanting their Dollars?

So this is old news by now, but surely you’ve heard that the Susan G. Komen Foundation (famous for its efforts to fund breast cancer research) announced last week that they’d no longer give funding to Planned Parenthood.

I was glad to hear that — and surprised, actually. A breast cancer foundation had supported the nation’s largest abortion provider? What’s up with that? I thought maybe Planned Parenthood offices offered women free mammograms, so perhaps that’s the connection — but oops, no they don’t.  My initial reaction: why would a breast cancer foundation support a group promoting abortion, since abortions may increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

Admittedly, the breast cancer/abortion link is sketchy. As I understand it – as a total novice – when pregnant, a woman’s hormones go a little crazy. When a woman has a baby, or has a miscarriage, her body deals with these hormonal fluctuations naturally, and hormone levels return to normal. But if she has an abortion, hormone levels remain in flux because the body is confused — what happened here? Those messed-up hormone levels can wreak havoc in her body, including some changes that can lead to breast cancer. This isn’t a sure thing, but let’s put it this way: I would think long and hard about having an abortion, even if this were the only reason not to have one.

So, when Komen decided to cut PP funding, predictably, the liberals went nuts. They vowed not to fund Komen anymore! They would fund PP directly! I actually understand their anger. Hey, if you’re that invested in wanting to ensure that women can have abortions, it makes sense.

The outcry was so loud (and, most likely, the potential loss of funding so great), that the Komen Foundation reversed its decision just days later. They will keep funding Planned Parenthood! Because the right to abortion is something that is really important to women. “We sincerely hope that these changes will be welcomed by those who have expressed their concern.

Yeah, right.

And next time someone gives you the familiar line, But Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health! Only a small part of their services include abortions — point them here. Seems you can use statistics to show anything you’d like.

Komen needs to realize that, in placating their pro-abortion friends, they’ve alienated the pro-life ones. As for me, I will just have to add the Komen Foundation to my mental list of “bad” groups. When the pink-bows-for-the-cure campaign in the neighborhood calls in a month or so, I’ll have to say no. Sigh … this is getting so old. First Girl Scouts cookies are out, now this — what next? Will 4-H start supporting gay marriage? If so, I don’t want to know!

5 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen Foundation – Helping Women, or Just Wanting their Dollars?

  1. apparently they have also sued / threatened to sue other charities for using the term “for a cure” which seems shameful. . .

  2. Wasn’t the Komen Foundation’s stated reason to stop funding PP that their (Komen’s) “existing policy” was to NOT fund organizations that were under investigation? PP was (is?) being investigated for improper use of public money – nothing personal, just business.

    I think they were bullied into reinstating Planned Parenthood – and that’s unfair, but it’s the way a free market works. Even in my dark, quiet corner of the world, I saw a lot of “oh the humanity!” and “I’ll never give Komen a dime” reactions – when, really, why should Komen be funding Planned Parenthood in the first place?

    I’d be a little more inclined to donate – to Komen – if I thought my dollars were going to something that’s at least relevant to breast cancer research/prevention/screening. Now – not so much.

  3. I had written Komen off before this because of their funding of Planned Parenthood. Now, it’s certain they’ll never get a penny from me. And to say that “the breast cancer/abortion link is sketchy” is incorrect in my opinion. From what I’ve read, there is a direct correlation. Komen messed up big time in my opinion, when they bowed to pressure and reversed their decision to stop funding PP.

  4. Unfortunately a lot of the things being done to “cure” breast cancer are actually causing more harm than good. There was a great article a few years back in Reader’s Digest that I am unable to find at present, explaining that they are finding tiny cancers that would never be a problem, but the woman has to go through all the trauma and harm of surgery, chemo, etc. anyway – and there’s another article in Ladies’ Home Journal that I DO still have talking about the harm being done in the name of helping. Here’s a link to a similar article.

  5. I couldn’t agree more – I was shocked by Komen’s sudden reversal. It’s complete bullying by Planned Parenthood! For instance, in my local paper, PP was ‘crying’ over the initial yanking of funding, but the article went on to detail that my CT/MA PP branch has a $25 mil. budget for the year and had not even APPLIED for the Komen grant this year b/c they didn’t NEED it.
    Not only that, but the year before, they did apply and received $38,000 – that is NOTHING in a $25 mil budget.
    In addition, PP affirmed that NONE of the services they offer would be reduced as a result of not getting Komen funding…
    so I keep asking WHAT are they crying about? They are crying about people who don’t support abortion, THAT’S what! I wouldn’t say I was a huge Komen supporter before, but I WILL not support them now.

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