Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday time …

Yay! My extremely busy week has ended! Congrats to the 14 band students I accompanied at ISSMA music contest, who earned 10 gold and 4 silver medals, and to daughter #1, whose quartet earned a gold as well:

issma students band

As I accompany kids, and hear the good and the not-so-good, I’m still impressed at these kids who take the initiative to learn a piece well enough to perform it for a judge. That’s impressive to me, and I think they’re all winners, whatever their score.

So, we’re back to a week of more normal evenings and more normal cooking. Here goes:

Monday:  Jumbo shells stuffed with cheese Рfrom the back of a box of pasta in the pantry.

Tuesday: Bubble pizza – I made this a few weeks ago, and one daughter has been begging for an encore.

Wednesday: Chicken and noodles – make homemade noodles¬† and add them to chicken, broth, carrots, celery, etc … yummy on a cold day.

Thursday: Crockpot BBQ chicken with cheddar and herb biscuits. Also a veggie of some kind …

Friday: Pesto chicken tortellini soup – calls for basil pesto, which I’m going to try making. I bought some last year for a recipe and a small jar was over $5. But the sprig of basil a daughter brought to September’s plant show is still going strong in the kitchen window, so …


What are you planning?

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  1. It all looks good. Maybe I’ll try to make a trip down to Ft. Wayne one night this week!

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