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menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday time!

It’s shaping up to be a busy week. Added to my 11 piano students will be 12 band students who I’ll be accompanying on their solos at ISSMA contest January 28. This week, several of them will be coming to my house to practice, and I’ll be going to lessons for several others — all around dinner time. So, I’ve tried to fill the week with dinners that won’t be too labor-intensive.

Monday: fish – I usually buy bags of tilapia filets when they’re on sale at Meijer for around $3.99. I just sprinkle them with spices and bake them, and serve them over rice with a vegetable.

Tuesday: Poppyseed chicken – this is a good recipe to double and keep one in the freezer …

Wednesday: Bean Soup – prepared in the crockpot. Also French bread in the bread machine.

Thursday: Football Fiesta Casserole – the kids love this; it is pretty yummy 🙂

Friday: tacos – I’ll just prepare chicken with taco seasoning and put out bowls of taco fixings …

And because it’s not a week without a yummy dessert, I would like to try “Ben’s Bars,” which I cut out of the paper’s Amish Cook column awhile back.

What are you making this week?

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. On your Poppyseed Chicken, cook some rice and add it, too. It’s an extender and you’ll not notice it tastes any different – just makes a little more to eat.

  2. Sounds good! I love bean soup but sadly my “audience” draws the line at it!! Since they’re fabulous eaters I let it go….time enough for bean soup later in my life!

  3. We make Poppyseed Chicken in our house too. I love quick and easy recipes. Might have to try that football casserole.

  4. We have tacos frequently, too. I found and adapted a really great Chicken Tacos recipe using the slow cooker. You add rice, too, which sort of makes it a bit heartier. It’s the only way I’ll have chicken tacos now. Your menu looks great!

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