Top Posts of 2011

Let’s close out 2011 with a look at the top 10 posts at Girls in White Dresses Blog – by that I mean, the 10 posts that garnered the most views:

10. Childhood Memories Friday: If I had 3 Wishes – this one talks about my childhood wish for 3 things: a muff, go-go boots, and a station wagon. I’m betting most views come from fellow members of my generation, searching for some discussion of those bygone cultural icons.

9. Toddlers and Tiaras Talk – TV is a popular topic on the ‘net, and apparently this is a popular show (at least, I enjoy it!). Seems lots of people are curious about Makenzie and her “ni-ni” (yes, I’m aware of the fact that, unless you’re a T&T viewer, this makes absolutely no sense).

8. William and Kate’s Wedding Cake – this was a fun post about the possible royal wedding cakes. It also contained the link to some fabulous Kate Middleton cupcake toppers, which I used for royal wedding day treats.

7. Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin, Up Close and Personal – it’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since I journeyed to Indianapolis to see Kate Gosselin speak. I won a contest (long story) for front-row seats. This was just before the whole Gosselin scandal blew open, the waning few moments when the family still seemed sweet (although even then I had serious doubts about Kate). She has a huge online following, both pro- and con-, and they turn up regularly to see what she’s really like – as if there’s much question on that anymore.

6. How to Find the Best Deal on Toilet Paper – it doesn’t get more humble than this, does it? Here, I’ll save you a click: buy Scott brand.

5. How to Make Zhu Zhu Pet Clothes – they’re really falling from popularity now, but the cute little Zhu Zhu hamster toys were quite hot a year or so ago. I devised a pattern for sewing little outfits for them, and many people apparently wanted to follow that lead.

4. 9 11 — A Retrospective – thoughts on 9 11 on its tenth anniversary: where were you? Have we learned anything from the tragedy, ten years later? Either folks are eager to read my thoughts, or else they’re just looking for photos of a falling man or burning towers.

3. Kate Middleton: Too Thin? – I wrote this article for another gig of mine over at omg, and they rejected it. Apparently, it was too controversial to discuss the duchess’ weight, since we have no evidence, no proof, etc. – except our own eyes. I must not be the only one who’s a bit concerned over the incredible shrinking Kate, since almost 4,000 others came here searching on that very topic.

2. Cinch! Diet Review  – while we’re on the subject of shrinking, who would’ve thought that my review of the Cinch! diet book would bring in so many views? I tried the diet for 5 days, but found it just to brutal to subsist on berries, plain yogurt, spinach and eggs.

And finally, the most popular post of the year:

Royal Brides – it makes sense, in 2011, the year of the royal wedding, that a post on royal brides brought in the most readers. Join the other 15,800 and savor some photos and tidbits on royal brides of the past.

And, just because it’s interesting, here are the top 10 search results that brought folks here in 2011:

camilla parker bowles wedding 1,298
princess diana wedding 1,208
princess diana wedding dress 1,149
9/11 949
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kate middleton thin 837
cinch diet reviews 691
kate middleton skinny 648
prince andrew wedding 634
princess margaret wedding

It’s been a great year. Thank you, readers! I appreciate each view and each comment. If you’re on Facebook, “like” me there and you’ll be reminded each time a post publishes. I look forward to more discussions with you in 2012!