Meet the Potential First Ladies: Ann Romney & Callista Gingrich

I love presidential election years. I know, many people hate them, but they just have a excitement for me. It’s our American system at work! 2012 will be especially interesting to me, since I’m hoping for a change from our current leadership.

We’ve heard quite a bit about the candidates. How about some info about the potential first ladies? Today, let’s look at two of the front-runners’ wives, Ann Romney & Callista Gingrich.

Ann Romney

Ann Davies was born April 16, 1949, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her father was a businessman, and the family rarely went to church, although they went on occasion at Ann’s request. She attended a private girls’ school in Michigan, and she got to know Mitt Romney during her school years (he attended a private boys’ school in the same town). They informally agreed after Mitt’s senior prom to marry. Mitt’s dad was governor of Michigan.

After high school, Mitt was on a 2-year mission in France (2-year missions being standard for members of the Mormon church). During this time, Ann joined the Mormon church as well. The two married in 1969, three months after Mitt returned from France.

Between 1970 and 1981, Ann and Mitt had five sons: Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, and Craig. She also finished her college degree during those years, majoring in French.

By BU Interactive News (Flickr: _DSC7151) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

BU Interactive News (Flickr: _DSC7151) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In 1998, Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In 2008, she fought breast cancer. She has battled MS with a combination of traditional and Eastern treatments, both of which she has claimed are very helpful. She enjoys riding horses, and has credited horseback riding with much of her improvement from MS.

Ann is dedicated to improving children’s welfare through various avenues. After 42 years, she is still the apple of Mitt’s eye: “I think at least 99 percent of my life could be explained as Mitt trying to impress Ann,” he has said.

Callista Gingrich

Callista Bisek was born March 4, 1966, in Wisconsin, where she was valedictorian of her high school class. She graduated from Luther College in Iowa, and went to work as a congressional staffer in Washington, D.C., in 1988. She is a life-long Roman Catholic.

She began a relationship with Newt Gingrich, 23 years her senior, in 1993 (he was still married to second wife Marianne at the time), and the two married in 2000. Callista enjoys playing French horn in the volunteer City of Fairfax Band, and she sings as a paid alto in the choir at her church, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. She and Newt have authored several books together, and recently she wrote a children’s book as well.

Gage Skidmore (Flickr: Newt & Callista Gingrich) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Gage Skidmore (Flickr: Newt & Callista Gingrich) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Callista is known for her jewelry, polished suits, perfectly-in-place hair, and bright lipstick. “She actually describes herself as being a cross between Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush with just a slight bit of Jackie Kennedy tossed in,” Newt Gingrich told ABC.

He added that his wife “would be very musical in the White House and music education orientated” and “she would likely want to focus on cancer awareness, with family members having been impacted by the disease.”

Who’s your choice for First Lady?

13 thoughts on “Meet the Potential First Ladies: Ann Romney & Callista Gingrich

  1. Thanks Susan, this was very interesting and informative. I can’t say I have much use for someone who goes after someone else’s husband, though. But I’m not much of a Mitt Romney fan. Could I have Ann Romney with Newt Gingrich? Although I haven’t decided if I want Newt Gingrich. I was excited about Herman Cain until that blew up. Yikes. I think I’d like a new batch of candidates. Can we start voting people off the island yet?

  2. As with the doughnut, I don’t know who these people actually are………..

    WHO is this Romney guy…??? Does HE even know…???? When Bains would scrap these companies, they took advantage of the law created by well paid lobbies to screw the workers out of some of their retirement… His Middle East position is a real non-starter for me… Turn policy over to Israel…?!?!? Israel is the U.S.’s No.1 Welfare Queen….. Would they want to turn the policy of New York to IT’S No.1 Welfare Queen…. P.S. Jonathan Pollard…!!! The Israelis use OUR aid money to spy on US…!!! Let the thieves run the courts…??? I think Romney says whatever he thinks is best (for HIM) at that moment.. Is this what you want…?? Not me…!!! We need a Democratic Primary Challenger…!!! What a choice….!! They are all just hopeless, well except Ron Paul…. He is CONSISTENT… if nothing else….. Tells it like HE sees it… Not like what he thinks the local voters want to hear…

  3. I found this post very interesting. I didn’t know any of these things about these ladies. I’d be leaning towards Ann Romney.

  4. Of the potential first ladies, I think Ann Romney is the “most real”. I am leaning towards Newt as the best candidate to beat Obama. I wish Callista would soften her look, though. I like the flippy ‘do she’s had in the past, and I think the platinum blonde helmet head is unflattering. She’s a beautiful woman, and the “severe” look and dark lipstick does a disservice to her. Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that dark matte lips only “age” you. She should wear a soft pink shimmer lip gloss. Wow, what a difference it would make!

  5. Callista, carrying on a 6 year affair with a married man, how to explain that to my Roman Catholic daughters….what a representative for family values…whose family?….Not mine!

  6. Hopefully neither of them. I positively, absolutely don’t want to look at either of these women for the next minute, let alone 4 years….Barack & Michelle — 2012 — 4 more years AT LEAST. How can he clean up W.’s mess in just 4 years.

  7. delores

    Obama is expected to create the imposible after the mess Bush left,
    lets get real folks , the economy sucks and,the housing market sucks and people
    are without jobs ,The USA was not made in 4yrs so don’t expect this President to be superman.

  8. Michelle for another four years. Anne Romney also seems decent. They both have devoted husbands. How could anyone who espouses family values vote for Gingrich and the Catholic woman who willingly slept in his wife’s bed for six years! Morals? How would we explain that one to young people? If the hypocritical, pompous Gingrich wasn’t getting propped up by a Las Vegas billionaire, we wouldn’t have to worry about the utter embarrassment of having to consider Callista. Shudder!

  9. Author popping in here: although the candidates weren’t even the subject of this post, they’ve come up. I don’t know who I’ll support yet, but it does leave me shaking my head that even 3/4 of the way through his term, Obama is still blaming things on Bush. And apparently he has many supporters who feel the same way! Will anything negative EVER be pinned on Obama? Just wondering …

  10. Oh, Ick on both these two, but at least Anne R didn’t have an affair w/ a married man for 7 years.
    This is really a depressing blog!

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