Kate Middleton: Making Modesty Fashionable

Just when Lady Gaga in a meat dress and Ke$ha in a garbage bag frock seem to signal the demise of ladylike fashion, along comes Kate Middleton to make modest femininity look cool again.

source: gg.gov.au

source: gg.gov.au

Of course, Duchess Catherine has good reason to look appropriate and modest: she’s a five-star member of the world’s most famous royal family. And royals are nothing if not traditional. No Katy Perry-style blue wigs for princesses. Kate Middleton — making modesty fashionable again!


Sleeves: Making a Comeback

Prospective brides worldwide breathed a sigh of relief when Kate stepped out at Westminster Abbey in a wedding dress featuring sleeves, bucking the recent trend of strapless bridal gowns. Sure, as a royal she was no doubt expected to look more modest and covered, but her stylish choice gives other brides an example to look up to.

Let’s face it: not every woman has the build to pull off a strapless dress, and yet when that’s what 80% of designers are putting out there, it’s difficult to find an alternative. Thanks to Duchess Catherine, sleeves will be showing up more and more in bridal shops.


Pantyhose: Not Just for the Older Set

Think pantyhose are just for grannies and nurses? Think again! Prince William’s wife has been spotted all over the globe in nylons, and many are following her lead. Granted, pantyhose are an extra step, and Michelle Obama has even referred to them as “painful.” But they do create a very finished, polished look, which is a plus in our current “very feminine fashion cycle,” said Angela Hawkins, manager of hosiery at Hanesbrands Inc. Kate’s polished legs, achieved via pantyhose, have even helped coin a new term: the “buttered leg.”

Both Kate and sister Pippa Middleton are fans of nylons, and they look great in them. They add a little (granted, just a little) warmth in winter, and help avoid the ghastly white leg syndrome many women suffer from. Isn’t that worth a bit of inconvenience? The royal sisters think so.


Pretty Pumps

No over-the-top expensive or oddly weird footware for this princess, either. Kate has made basic pumps her go-to shoes, and she always looks polished and appropriate. Could she inspire a return to the basics in an industry that has seemed to be veering more and more towards the wacky and unconventional? Some of us hope so …

What do you think of Kate’s look? Are you happy with her traditional choices, or would you like to see her branch out more?

8 thoughts on “Kate Middleton: Making Modesty Fashionable

  1. I appreciate her modesty, although she wore a strapless gown last evening to the event honoring the military in the UK. She didn’t look as immodest as some do with a strapless gown because her long locks covered her shoulders. In general, she’s a refreshing change from the typical young lady of these days.

  2. Kate is the perfect example of simple elegance, as far as I am concerned. She sets a wonderful, refreshing change back to a more sensible look for her very public life style. A bit too retro for some, but I really like it! Her appearance reminds me of the way teachers used to look back in the day. No blue jeans or sloppy sweatshirts or casual Fridays. Wearing pantyhose was expected and never questioned, because it is true that the hose look is much more flattering than the bare leg look. Bravo for Kate! May she continue to take the world by storm.

  3. Oh, she’s wonderful! I’m 14 years old and it’s so wonderful for me to see someone – who is very pressured by society – to wear modest clothing. It’s so hard to find stuff that will cover the body. And I love the classiness of it all. So amazing.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 God bless!

  4. Thank you so much for being such a great role model for girls and women because now a days it’s hard to fined modest and beautiful women.
    God bless you!

  5. Hurrah for modest, feminine, attractive dress! I really cringe at wedding dresses that seem to be designed to start the honeymoon at the altar! I adore the way Kate dresses.

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