Why Can’t Life be More Like Farmville?

A couple of years ago, a relative introduced me to Facebook’s addicting little game, Farmville. At first, I couldn’t understand the attraction. “Farming” on the computer? How pathetic was that!

But quickly, I became hooked. I made online friends I’d never met, but they were kind and giving – sending me gifts (sure, they were virtual, but some of them seemed better than “real” gifts I’ve gotten), visiting my farm, fertilizing my crops, feeding my animals — what a wonderful community this was!

Glitches on my farm have made playing  less fun recently, and that (paired with a conviction that playing on a virtual farm perhaps isn’t the wisest use of my time) have led me to give up farming. But not before making a few observations.

farmville farmI wish life was more like Farmville. In Farmville, it never rains. Animals wait patiently to be fed, and while crops do wither, neighbors can revive them with a simple click.

Snow in Farmville is just pretty – never icy or debilitating. There are no tractor accidents. Animals never get old or die. If you have too many pigs or cows, you can sell them with a click – no slaughter houses here!

Farm neighbors are the greatest people around. They give you things when you ask for them, and you can give them gifts as well (all for free!). They send treats at Halloween, eggs at Easter, and gifts at Christmas. They buy your goods and raise crops to help you make more.

All baby animals in Farmville make it. There are no runts or chicks that fail to hatch. In fact, there are disco calves, rainbow chickens, and fairy sheep. Can you see why this is such a magical place?

Farming involves simple clicks. There is no sweat, no money, and no heavy labor involved.

Yes, I think that a world like Farmville would be a pretty special place.

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  1. I tried doing Farmville briefly. I just never really found it very fascinating at all. I don’t really know what my problem was. Partly it was my pathetic computer performance at that time.

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