William and Kate to get new Kensington Palace Digs

William and Kate to get new Kensington Palace Digs

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Have you ever visited Kensington Palace in London? I have, and it’s an awesome place. I visited there with commenter Leona about 15 years ago, and we arrived just 15 minutes after Princess Diana had left on vacation. Darn!

However, we did get to tour the rambling palace, which is where William and Kate currently live when they’re in London. Apparently their current digs aren’t swanky enough, because The Prince of Wales’ office announced today that William and Kate will be moving into a different apartment in the palace, one last used by the Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret. This apartment is not in great shape currently and won’t be ready for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (as they’re accurately known) until mid 2013. It takes time to rid old spaces of asbestos and update the heating and wiring, you know – seriously, if you’ve traveled to Europe, you know that in spite of the grandeur, much of the living conditions are pretty WWII-era — even for royals.

What I remember of Kensington Palace: it’s very large. It’s made up of many royal residences, not just a couple. I saw Princess Diana’s wedding dress on display there, as well as several restored royal apartments. We toured the bedroom where Princess Victoria was when she was notified that her father had died and she had therefore become Queen. Many of the more minor royals live in the upper floors.

The palace is surrounded by a huge park, with tons of trees. You probably remember seeing the grounds frequently in the week following Princess Diana’s death: she lived there at the time, and they were covered with flowers.

William and Kate’s offices will be located in Kensington Palace, and Prince Harry’s as well. It should be fun to watch the news as the renovation progresses.

Any fun Kensington Palace facts or anecdotes out there?

4 thoughts on “William and Kate to get new Kensington Palace Digs

  1. I’ve never been there so I don’t know much about it. I am interested, though! We did see recently a series (5 episodes) that we got from Netflix called The Queen that very cleverly used real footage, documentary style, spliced in with dramatizations played by actors, to tell stories from Queen Elizabeth’s life and reign. We thoroughly enjoyed it! (Although, a warning before you watch it with your daughters, it did tend to dwell a bit on the affairs and things amongst the younger royals).

  2. I’m hearing rumblings to the effect that Kate may be with child. I heard William ate something that contained peanuts but she opted to pass on it – possibly to prevent their future child from having a food allergy.

  3. I’ve been there too–impressive. My thinking is perhaps with the expense necessary they decided to just go directly to the “family” home as opposed to the starter home. Also, since William will be king likely at a much younger age than his father, Harry will also need a home. Clarence House may go to Harry. York House, another traditional London royal home is not a great location and not well liked. Charles wants the court to be based at Windsor though so if that happen’s who knows! The apartment Di had is, I believe (or was) rented out at an impressive yearly amount to the head of the armed forces (the “professional” one, not the Queen).

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