Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park MauiTravel back with me to Hawaii … one misty afternoon in Maui, we drove to Iao Valley State Park. Is this what you’d call a cloud forest? It was very cloudy and damp. See the mountains? That type of very green, “ripply” type mountain was everywhere in Hawaii. Although I don’t know that mountains in Peru are similar, I dubbed these “Chili mountains” in honor of our pet chinchilla, Chili, who is native to the Peruvian mountains. Can’t you just see Chili hopping happily in all that greenery? We could. “CHILI MOUNTAIN!” was a frequent refrain in the vehicle.


I was amazed at how “rain forest-y” it seemed here. I never thought of Hawaii being a rain forest, but you know, it *is* tropical there. It *is* jungle-like.

Iao Valley State Park MauiThe highlight of the park is the Iao Needle. No, you can’t climb up it, but we hiked up close to the base.

iao needle mauiThe girls were traumatized to learn the definition of a “phallic stone.”

iao needle mauiThe rain began in earnest, as we learned it frequently does in Hawaii, and we were off to our next adventure …

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  1. I never knew chinchillas were so cute! I feel for your girls – I remember how I felt when i learned that Grand Teton means large teat! Ewwww, lol!

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