Childhood Memories Friday: Postcards

The good ol’ days: you gotta love them. Each night after dinner, I’ve been reading the girls my diary entries from that date, and I love the tidbits that turn up. They are a way of re-enforcing that things today aren’t so tough for kids. For instance, I listed my 15th birthday gifts: a sweater (I asked for), a wooden trinket box, tablets, and stickers (I hit the jackpot!).

Would a teen of today consider that “hitting the jackpot?” I don’t know … but it’s something to ponder.

Another difference between today and the ’70s/’80s: postcards. Sure, you can still buy postcards. But back then, they were a bigger deal. On vacations, I loved selecting postcards. And I loved receiving them in the mail as well. Here’s a really super duper one I got from my grandparents when they visited Florida: it’s a puzzle! It still is plastic-covered, and I actually remember mentally processing whether or not I should tear the plastic off (that would destroy the message). I opted to leave it as-is, although that means I never got the fun of turning those 20 pieces into palm trees and orange pickers.

florida postcard orange trees 1970sThen I found a few of these nifty little mini-postcard books. Remember them? Getting one was always a special treat.

mini postcard books 1970sAnd then, quite memorably, my postcard from the Mouseketeers. Sigh. When I was younger, I had no aspirations to be a doctor or a lawyer. No, I just wanted to be a Mouseketeer. I didn’t see any contradiction indicated by my extreme shyness. I was sure that once Walt Disney had given me my hiring papers, I would blossom onstage as a singin’ and dancin’ wonder.

It was such a big deal back then to search out a celeb’s address, and I remember my joy when I found it and wrote to my idols. They replied back, with a postcard. A photo postcard, which I treasured.

new mickey mouse club postcard

And, I suppose, I still do 🙂

What about you? Any postcard memories from your childhood?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Postcards

  1. The rest of the post card collection are safely tucked away in your closet here.
    At my recent stint in Disney World Jill told me post cards are about gone. I saw very very few for sale. She said people don’t send them anymore from vacation. Kinda sad if you ask me. . .
    Elaine I hope you appreciate yours. I think it was the ONLY one I sent.

  2. I do appreciate the postcard. It was a very unique one. And it adds a nice touch to my collection.

  3. Your Friday posts always bring back great memories! I LOVED the New Mickey Mouse Club! (the original as well)- I remember having the album they put out as well…

  4. I was an AVID collector! Once or twice my Dad (salesman) stopped to get gas and they had some postcards. He took time to send me one each time. I loved it! All the elderly relatives sent them to me from my trips. Years later I had fun going thru them with my brother’s kids–eventually I think I let my niece keep them. They were a fun hobby, Today kids do this as a geography project–they get truckers to mail them cards from all over! It’s great.

    Fun memory–like so many of your Friday posts!

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