Childhood Memories Friday: Library Summer Reading Program

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Childhood Memories Friday

Remember the library summer reading program? Boy, I do. Library summer reading programs are still around, of course, and all my kids participate in them.

But recently, I was digging around in old memorabilia and came across my summer reading program record sheets. Sure, they’re retro, but there was something so charming about them. Maybe their coolness even had something to do with my lifelong love of reading? Nah, I’d love to read anyway.

library summer reading But you must admit, this is pretty cool. Nowadays, the kids just put an X in a box when they read for 15 minutes. Then, we had The Enchanted Forest. We stamped Little Red Riding Hood as she progressed along her path. I like that!

library summer readingAnd World Traveler? For a little kid who already was dreaming of going to Europe, these stickers of Denmark, Sweden, France, and *gasp* Germany were just so enticing!

library summer readingThen there’s the Mountain Climb. Looking at those cool ’70s-colored footprint stickers, I can still smell the odor of the faint, papery adhesive. Of course, you licked them. Self-adhesive stickers were rare back then.

bicentennial library reading Who can forget the Bicentennial year? It was such a big deal, of course it’s no surprise that the library’s summer reading program followed that theme. I love the way the liberty bell stickers each follow America’s history, from the Declaration of Independence to America on the moon!

library reading logHalf the fun of these is turning them over to see what I read. I ask you: is this the handwriting that earned me a “C” on my report card, not once but twice? Yeah, I’m still a little bitter about that.

And is it evidence of organization, or maybe early signs of OCD, that I filled in not only the books and their authors, but their page count as well?

library summer reading programCheck out the spooks!

library summer readingYes, I was still into “The Nutty Squirrel” in grade 7. Would today’s seventh graders be?

library reading program… and we finish out the collection with Denny the Dino.

childs reading listAgain, I love to look at what I read. I had a Christian trend going, with “Because He Lives,” “In My Father’s House,” and “Life After Life,” and then a dramatic phase with “It’s Not the End of the World,” “18: No Time to Waste,” and “There are Two Kinds of Terrible.” Ah, youth.

“Her Father’s Daughter”? Cool to see I read some Gene Stratton Porter back then.

Do you remember the library summer reading programs of your youth?


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One thought on “Childhood Memories Friday: Library Summer Reading Program

  1. I don’t think we had organized summer reading programs when I was a child, but we certainly pursued them. I can still remember the feeling of despair when I walked into the library (each week?) and saw all the books, knowing I would never be able to read them all. (Evidence of my glass half-empty world view, I’m sure.) I still regret that I’ve read such few classics. How I wish someone would have introduced them to me when I was a child.

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