Wendy’s “New” Hamburger — How Could You?

So yes, I do cook five nights a week. I like to save money and eat healthy. But occasionally, a Wendy’s hamburger sure does taste good.

I take the girls to Wendy’s to celebrate good report cards. Wendy’s rewards them with a free kids’ meal (well, they used to. They just stopped in the past 6 months … another victim of this economy?). I treat myself to a Number 1, with chili in place of fries (because of course chili is healthier than fries, right?).

I get the hamburger, all juicy and hot. Then I make it healthier by scraping off all the mayo I can (because haven’t you read that, like, half the fat in a sandwich is in the sauce?), and then I enjoy its yumminess.

But now I read, that yumminess is about to change :(.

Wendy’s is remaking its hamburger for the first time in 42 years, which is basically my lifetime.

What does this remake entail?

  • Extra cheese: thumbs down; cheese is a big fat-adder, and the single slice was always plenty for me.
  • A buttered bun: thumbs down; I avoid butter whenever I can. What — was the sandwich not sufficiently high-calorie already?
  • Leave off the mustard and use full-fat mayo: thumbs down — hey, I like mustard. I guess the mayo is a wash, since I scrape it off anyway, but I didn’t know the original version wasn’t full-fat to begin with.
  • Thicker burger: eh, I don’t mind. It sounds like the burger won’t actually contain more meat; patties will just be packed more loosely and will be pressed down less while cooking.
  • Burger in a “natural square” shape: ha, this is funny. Wendy’s apparently considered a round patty, but gasp! that would be tampering with tradition. Customers did, however, feel that the square patty looked a little – umm – processed, so they’re going with a “natural square” shape that has wavy edges. Sure glad to know that this burger is not processed! 🙂
  • Less pickles and onions: thumbs down; why decrease the veggie content? This is being done to enhance the flavor of the beef. Okay, then.

I think these are strange changes, overall. They seem like they’re leaning over towards a higher-fat, higher-calorie burger, which seems to be diametrically opposed to everything we’re hearing from health experts, even including our current first lady.

Hey, Michelle! How about talking to Wendy’s about these changes? I mean, what good is it if kids are eating carrot sticks at school, only to head to Wendy’s afterwards for a big, fat hamburger on a buttery bun with full-fat mayo?

What do you think? Do you like the proposed changes to Wendy’s hamburgers? Me, I’m trying to decide what I can substitute for the hamburger next time I visit.

7 thoughts on “Wendy’s “New” Hamburger — How Could You?

  1. I think my last visit to Wendy’s was when you transpported me there for the girls to receive their report card rewards in spring 2010 – so it really matters very little to me. I get my fat mystery shopping at McDonalds.

  2. I agree with you especially about the less pickles and ONIONS (love them). I assume their marketing experts have judged Americans correctly and Wendy’s will be successful, despite Michelle’s counter efforts!

  3. It is awful. They say they didn’t change the meat but the color is lighter and it is fattier. I will never order a burger there again…..chili ,it is!!!

  4. Wow! I had no idea that Wendy’s was so busy changing their hamburgers and not for the better. Thanks for the info. Don’t eat there often, but when I do I will certainly be sure to note the changes. As for me, Billy Joel’s song, “Don’t Go Changin’ Because I Love You Just the Way You Are” comes to mind. Why mess with a great yummy burger? Michelle O. will be out to get you with her food police, if you don’t watch out.

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