When the Frost is on the Pumpkin

Thankfully, there’s no frost on the pumpkins around here just yet (although I wouldn’t totally mind — maybe it would kill those darn squash bugs!), but the title seemed appropriate in light of last weekend’s foray.

greenfield indiana antique shopWe visited Greenfield, Indiana — a little burg with a quaint Main Street, filled with antique shops …

birthday cupcakes… yummy eats (my mom was celebrating a milestone birthday) …

spelling mistakes… even — arghhh! — spelling mistakes.  Is it wrong that I felt great glee when my 10-year-old ran to get me to point this out?

james whitcomb riley house greenfield indiana… and just another block down the street, the home of one of Indiana’s most famous poets, author of the poem that inspired today’s title.

We had a wonderful volunteer guide, who treated our little group to about two hours of information about James Whitcomb Riley, and this home, where he grew up. His dad, an attorney and fine woodworker (seems like he made most of the fancy wood furniture in the house) fell upon hard times and had to sell the house, but James promised his mom that he’d buy it back when he became famous. Eventually, he did!

james whitcomb riley house pianoMom got to play on a piano in the house; it was originally owned by friends of the Riley family.

We learned other neat tidbits. For instance, “Little Orphant Annie” was really supposed to be “Little Orphant Allie.” The publisher made a mistake. An orphan named Allie really did live with the Riley family for about a year. We got to see the rafter room, cubbie hole, and press that were mentioned in the poem.

James Whitcomb Riley

Wikimedia Photo Commons, Indiana State Library collection

Be careful … the Gobble-uns’ll git you Ef you Don’t Watch Out!

5 thoughts on “When the Frost is on the Pumpkin

  1. It was my favorite day in a long while – well since Hawaii, actually.
    “Ain’t God good to Indiana, ain’t he though?”

  2. Glad your 10-year-old noticed the spelling/grammatical error! You should be proud.

    And I’m glad your mom enjoyed the day. It sounds as if it went well.

  3. Sounds like a day I would have enjoyed too. Nice of you to treat your mom for her “milestone!” James Whitcomb Riley was a favorite poet of our family also. In high school I even had a sweatshirt with his likeness and lines from his poems on it. It was not what my friends were wearing, but I liked it anyway!

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