Hawaii Travel Journal: Hosmer Grove

Remember about a week ago, when I told you about Haleakala, the big volcanic crater we visited on Maui? Well, after visiting it all morning, we were ready for something to eat. After reading the park brochure as well as I could while we drove off, I decided that Hosmer Grove would be a great place to stop.

It’s located about halfway down the crater from where we’d been that morning, but the landscape was definitely different. We went from the high-altitude crater top:

haleakala crater mauito this:

hosmer grove mauiLots and lots of tall trees. Some of them, I learned, were eucalyptus trees, which have very cool-looking seeds.

eucalyptus seeds hawaii mauiSo, here we ate our lunch (each morning at breakfast, we took goodies from the buffet along for lunch. This sounds neat, but in reality, a yogurt that has sat at room temp for several hours and bruised banana ain’t all that. Free, yes, but not ideal). We also roamed the short trail, searching in vain for the elusive state bird of Hawaii, the nene, (nay nay).

We did, however, see a lot of really cool, really tall trees. I love looking up a very tall tree — reminds me of how small I am, and how big God is.

hosmer grove maui hawaii tree

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