Indiana State Fair 2011

indiana state fair ferris wheelThere’s just something about the state fair. I love it there. Maybe it’s just me, since when I proffered the invitation, only 1 of my 3 offspring deigned to join me, but even if I had to venture there alone, I’d do it. Maybe it’s the memory of wandering through the 4-H building, looking for one of my projects that had made it there.

indiana state fair ferris wheelMaybe it’s just an affection for junk food, or for the good-hearted folks who don’t know that you don’t put an apostrophe in ‘oreo’s,’ by golly! Nothing belongs to the oreo!! /rant.

state fair angora rabbit

Maybe it’s the animals, especially our favorites — the rabbits. This poor guy was having his fur hand-pulled by his owner, who insisted that the rabbit liked it, even though the rabbit seemed to be in a bit of distress. Ah, but it’s all a part of the state fair culture.

state fair sewing 4-hMaybe it’s just the pervasive feel of the good ‘ol days. There aren’t many places where a child can go and be offered the chance to sew something, like that’s a normal thing to do. In the 4-H building, it is.

indiana state fair 4-h weedsMaybe it’s the thrill of finding your 4-H project there (although I must say, Mr. Weeds Judge, would it kill you to be a bit more generous with the blue ribbons?).

indiana stage fair stage collapse sugarlandMaybe it’s seeing the actual site of a recent tragedy.

Whatever, the State Fair pulls me into its orbit each August. I don’t offer it much resistance.

2 thoughts on “Indiana State Fair 2011

  1. I am glad you got to go. Did you leave with a box of State Fair Taffy tucked under your arm?

  2. Although I’m sure I didn’t get to go as often as you have, I have good memories of it.

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