Old Lahaina Luau

If you visit Hawaii, you kind of have to attend a luau. Yes, it’s kind of cheesy, but it’s a touristy thing and we were tourists, after all.

A travel book describes the typical Hawaiian luau:

You sit with 500 strangers (mostly couples wearing matching Hilo Hattie aloha garb) and sip watered-down Mai Tais, eat overcooked pork, poi that makes everybody go yuck, and some weird-looking green stuff that belongs in an aquarium. Then you are treated to corny lei jokes by wisecracking hosts who introduce cute Filipino girls in coconut tops and big, tattooed fellows in skirts who stick out their tongues at you.

I’m happy to report that our luau, at Old Lahaina, was better than this. Yes to the abundance of Hawaiian garb and the … um, odd food, yes to the dress of the girls ‘n guys, but no to the wisecracking host with lei jokes.

old lahaina luauWe were greeted by this cute little ukelele-playing couple. A friend, looking through my photos, asked if this was my mom. Well, no, my mom is not Hawaiian :).

old lahaina luau hawaiiWe sat outside, with an ocean setting, in Maui … gorgeous! (my 14-year-old had the chance to try out her new camera — thanks to her for these awesome photos)

old lahaina luau hawaii mauiThroughout the evening, the sound of waves lapping the shore was a calming presence.

old lahaina luau hawaii mauiAnd the show began. You do have to wonder how those girls can shake their hips so fast. It’s gotta be great exercise …

old lahaina luau hawaii maui food

old lahaina luau hawaii maui

It’s hard to describe — you know what they say, you kind of had to be there. Well, I hope you feel that you were, in a way. Aloha!

old lahaina luau hawaii maui

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  1. There is almost nothing in the world more soothing to me than listening to the sound of gentle waves. I would have loved being there.

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