Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

A fat princess doesn’t fit into our fairy tale ideal. But what about a princess so thin that she looks like a good wind would take her? Many worry that Kate Middleton is veering dangerously close to that line. Is Kate Middleton too skinny?

Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

Kate Middleton was never heavy, but photos of her from her adolescent, teen, and early 20s years show her with more bulk than she has now.


Since her engagement, Kate shrank in size to the thin beauty we saw at her wedding to Prince William. She became even thinner, as evidenced by photos of her on her recent North American tour. On the tour, she favored form-fitting dresses than emphasized her tiny figure.


Skinny: Part of the Plan?

When a fan urged Kate, prior to her wedding, not to become too thin, Kate responded “It’s all part of the plan!” Most brides want to look their thinnest and best on their wedding days, but is Kate taking her weight loss too far? Experts estimate her weight at 100 pounds – not much for a 5’10” woman.

Friends have reported that Kate’s method of coping with stress is to stop eating, and certainly her wedding, watched by millions worldwide, would have been stressful. Her introduction as a fashion icon for the world was no doubt another powerful inducement to stay thin.

The Dukan Diet

Reports claim that Kate Middleton, as well as mother, are devotees of the Dukan Diet. This diet, originated in 2000 by French physician Pierre Dukan, emphasizes eating protein and lots of oat bran. It claims to provide weight loss without hunger, and Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, has told reporters that she used the diet to lose weight prior to William & Kate’s wedding.

Waity Katie

Kate Middleton, dubbed “Waity Katie” by the British press due to her decade of dating Prince William, will never be “Weighty Katie.” Is she too thin? That’s a question she will need to answer for herself. Kate is a decade older than William’s late mother, Princess Diana, who suffered from the eating disorder bulimia throughout her married life. Kate  also has a college degree. Let’s hope that these life experiences will lead her to make wise choices as she maintains a body that’s attractive and healthy as well.


What do you think? Is Kate too skinny, or are we just used to people who are overweight?

9 thoughts on “Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

  1. I wonder if anyone has told her that being too thin can also hinder fertility. I understand that she needs to be producing an heir very soon.

  2. I had the very same thought as Elaine before I even read her comment. I say Kate needs some meat on her bones before she heads into “morning sickness” or in some cases “all day sickness” those first 2 or 3 months of pregnancy. Also, sometimes when people try to lose a little weight, they can’t get stopped and inadvertently lose a lot. Kate is so beautiful, so I really hope that nothing bad happens to her both weight wise and otherwise.

  3. I don’t think that Kate feels any pressure to produce an heir. I just think that she feels pressure to look her best and most people see this as being thin and fitting into elegant clothes with ease. She will be photographed more than ever now and it must be hard for her to constantly be hounded by photographers. I do think she is too thin and I am quite disappointed because I thought she was quite a healthy looking role model when she weighed around 10 stone a few years ago. Now she is just becoming like most other celebrities and those of us who compare ourselves to skinny celebs end up feeling fat. This can lead to people suffering eating disorders which it looks like Kate Middleton may be suffering from too.

  4. I never before knew she is 5’10”. That does make her weight sound quite low!

  5. 100 pounds IS underweight for a 5’10” woman. That gives a BMI of 14.3!! Any BMI below 18 is considered underweight. But she doesn’t look as thin as having such a low BMI, so I think this numbers are wrong. Is she really that tall or that thin?? Come on, she would look on the brink of death if her BMI were 14.3.

  6. Misty, the numbers are right, the cameras make you “gain weight”. (About 10 pounds)

  7. She definetely does not have a bmi of 14.3. Oh my God, I am so fed up of people claiming that this celebrity has this eating disorder, that one has that eating disorder! Believe me, I know a lot of people a heck of a lot thinner than her – ones diagnosed with eating disorders – with larger bmi s than that. Leave the girl alone!

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