A Day at Holiday World

Last week, my dad treated the extended family to a day at Holiday World. We had a great time, despite being really nervous on the drive down as it poured and stormed the entire way.

Holiday World could be a Childhood Memories Friday post. When I was little, Mamaw and Papaw (yeah, I know I sound southern when I say that) took us there. It was called Santa Claus Land then, and it was much smaller. Now, it has a water park and all kinds of big roller coasters – which are pretty irrelevant to me, since I don’t ride them.

holiday world raven

Not that the others followed my example.

holiday world merry go roundThere were plenty of rides more my speed. Also, plenty of things to inspire the imagination and delight the eyes.

holiday world glassThere were even fun things for a grammarphile.

grammar mistakeLet’s try that again …

grammar mistakeBetter just give up.

holiday world santaMy favorite things about Holiday World: it’s very clean. There are free soft drink huts throughout the park – drink all you want, all day – it’s free! They also have free sunscreen stations all over. Their food is good and less outrageously-priced than the fare at many other theme parks.

How about you: any Holiday World memories? What’s something you enjoy about another theme park?

9 thoughts on “A Day at Holiday World

  1. I so respect Pat Koch. She spoke at a meeting I attended a few years back. Anybody that left that meeting certainly held her in a positive light. What a work ethic she has. Politically she is very conservative. Seemingly she is ALWAYS walking the grounds at Holiday World. Pat has to be an OLD woman, but it doesn’t show! If the Koch family ever sells Holiday World, I’ll bet things will change real fast towards higher prices and who knows what else. I hope that never occurs!

  2. My 3 grandchildren and daughter Julie (their mother) visited Holiday World about a dozen years ago probably. It was a long trek from Roanoke, IN to way down to southern IN to get there, but we did love it! The kids spent at least 50% of the day at the Water Park, which was new at the time. I liked the stage show stuff, the food and sweet treats, and anywhere cool since it was 93 the day we attended!! Whew! I almost had a heat stroke (no kidding) and had to go to the first aid building and lie down for awhile because I turned a deep red and couldn’t sweat. Guess that I was almost dehydrated. The group of us went on south of the park to a motel along the Ohio River for overnight. On the way home the next day, we took a scenic drive along the Ohio instead of taking the Interstate. Lunch at The Overlook restaurant was a treat where we had fried chicken and watched the barges heading west on the river.
    Holiday World had improved so much from Santa Claus Land that I barely recognized the place. Very nice now! Actually, my favorite nearby amusement park as a young mother was always Cedar Point at Sandusky, OH. It was still 5 hours away. The Wisconsin Dells are nice, too, but they are even farther away from home. Going to Disney World in FL trumps them all, of course, but that is a really long drive from here. Better to fly there!

  3. Good heavens, I never thought to go proof-read our sweet shop shelves! Thanks for pointing out our spelling errors (I believe our grammar is fine, though). So glad you enjoyed (the rest of) your visit!

  4. I think it’s nifty that you were able to point out their spelling errors. The world is changing! Who would think that a business would pay someone to cruise the Internet to read comments about their own business?

  5. As a follow-up, I checked with our Food & Beverage Director (a former teacher) who assured me the errors had been caught and fixed a few weeks ago (maybe when they saw you taking pictures — ha!). And regarding “cruising the internet,” it’s even easier … Google Alerts come to me by email to help me find where we’re mentioned on blogs and in articles. It is, indeed, quite nifty! :0)

  6. I loved rereading this. I missed the part the first time about free drinks all day long. I don’t drink pop, which I assume is what you referred to, but if they had plenty of ice water, with emphasis on the ice, I’d love it. I hope Paula reads this, because she still has a change she needs to make. Internet is a proper noun and needs to be capitalized! LOL!

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