Childhood Memories Friday: Democrats, Republicans, and Baby Killers

Childhood Memories FridayAs staunch a conservative/libertarian as I am today, you might assume I’ve always been that way. Not so – I was pretty politically unaware until my adulthood. A few political memories …

I was always “for” Republican candidates in childhood, probably because I heard my parents expressing those beliefs. I remember in 1976, our 5th (6th?) grade class held an election, Ford vs. Carter. I was leading the charge for Ford, although I probably couldn’t have toldĀ  you a thing he stood for. Faith, a classmate, told me passionately that she was against Carter “because he kills little babies!” I didn’t want Carter to win, but this sounded particularly vile.

I remember asking Mom about this and she said that that probably referred to him supporting abortion rights, which I guess was a big issue at the time since Roe v. Wade was passed in ’73.

I remember the night Nixon resigned, and planned to commemorate the occasion by a little embroidery. I got a fish and the letters P-R-E-S completed before Nixon finished his speech. I knew that Nixon resigned over something called Watergate, but whenever the term was mentioned my mind filled with a flowing stream, running gracefully through a grate. I had no idea of the meaning behind the term.

Now, it makes total sense that I’m a conservative, because I’m conservative in most every aspect of my life: religion, finances, etc. I’m libertarian because I believe in hard work and self-reliance. While I am passionate about helping others, as most liberals are (or purport to be), I want to do that myself, through tithing my income. I draw the line at requiring the government to help others, through money taken forcibly from those who’ve earned it.

What about you? Have you always held your current political persuasion, or did you change as an adult? Any political memories?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Democrats, Republicans, and Baby Killers

  1. I was born a Republican, because my parents were that. I have come to believe they are the better of the two major political parties. I will die a Republican. Even as a very young girl I was intensely interested in politics. Maybe some of that came from listening to my dad talking politics with the Schulte boys, as we called them. They were our relatives and farmed the next farm and boy were they conservative – years ago! The Schulte boys took the Indianapolis Star rather than the Evansville Courier because they thought the Star was a more conservative newspaper than the Courier. Years ago I remember Louie Schulte saying of his three little girls, “I know they will be drafted into the military!” I listened in terror… When I was quite young I would be extremely interested in who won elections, and that continues to this day. When John Kennedy won as president, I cried!

  2. I’ve been greatly influenced by my parents, but I’ve chosen to be a member of the same political party as they. It was my choice. In general, the Republican party supports those involved in free enterprise, as we all should. Robbing the rich to pay the poor doesn’t work. Eventually the rich will run out of money and the entire country will be bankrupt. We’re closing in on that now.

  3. I remember from the Ford-Carter election: “Who do you want for president, a truck or a peanut?”

    While I’ve been registered as a Republican since, well, since Reagan, as I get older, I tend to find myself leaning much more libertarian in my views. It’s just too bad any candidate with “Libertarian” as his party comes off as such a crackpot. . .

    And while my parents are and always have voted Republican, I sense an awful lot of “big brother knows best” in some of their attitudes for my comfort.

  4. I have always been a Republican, but in recent years I am leaning more and more to the Independent side of politics. I have voted mostly Republican for most of my life, but it is getting more difficult to accept because too many Republicans in Congress act more like Democrats these days. Some are sounding pretty “wimpy” and too much like “bleeding heart liberals”. The Tea Party really sounds good to me! I love the way they uphold the Constitution and are fiscally conservative. God, country, church, and family pretty much sums it up for me. God Bless America!

  5. Funny–my parents got a call from an irate neighbor when my little self asked, the day after Nixon was re-elected, how anyone could vote for that Dam*#% Nixon! The mom, a Moody Bible Institute Graduate, was understandably shocked at my language. My Mom wasn’t–and my Dad was sent to apologize! He later explained that it was ok for people to vote in ways he didn’t agree with–that’s what makes ours a great country……Nixon would be a “liberal” today! And, I’ve come a lot closer to the neighbors way of thinking since then!!!

    Love the Holiday World thing—I remember a TERRIBLE weekend when my son “blew” getting to go on a Church trip there……sometimes it’s really painful to be a parent!! Much easier to have said “ok, you can do the punishment starting Monday… lol……

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