Thank You, Cec Murphey

How would you feel if a total stranger offered you the means to attend a multi-day conference where you could hone your skills and develop new ones?

Likely you’d feel similar to the way I’m feeling, which is hugely blessed. I’d like to say thank you to Cec Murphey.

Cec is a best-selling author of books which have sold millions. He’s known as the man behind the words, having ghostwritten numerous books (notably Franklin Graham’s autobiography). He and Don Piper wrote the runaway bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven.

As a Christian, Cec wanted to give back as well. He does that by helping nurture other authors, providing funds for scholarships to writing conferences all over the country.

When I began researching the publishing process for a manuscript I’d written, I came across the Write to Publish Conference, held at Wheaton. It looked great, with 4 days packed full of speakers on all kinds of ways to improve one’s writing and then how to actually bring it to publication. Editors and agents would be attending. I thought it would be great to attend, but it was pretty pricey.

Then I noticed that Cec Murphey was offering ten scholarships to the conference. I had a feeling that there would be a lot of competition, but I went ahead and applied.

write to publish wheaton billy graham center
And I was thrilled to receive one of the scholarships! I got to spend much of last week at Write to Publish, feeling like a college kid again as I traipsed between the dorm and the dining hall. It was wonderful.

knowing god knowing myself cec murpheyCec also sent me a copy of his latest book, Knowing God, Knowing Myself. It’s a collection of wisdom he’s gleaned from his years on the planet. You know I’d be predisposed to like it already, given Mr. Murphey’s generosity, but even without that I’d recommend it. The book is a series of 68 short chapters (which I like; it’s easy to read just one or two a day and then let the inspiration sink in). Each covers a topic Cec has dealt with:  how to deal with difficult people. Negative feelings. Before the miracle.

Each chapter closes with an aphorism, or nugget of wisdom, on the topic. A few of my favorites:

  • All of us want appreciation for our talent; we need appreciation for our personhood.
  • A true friend knows my faults, still loves me and has no plans for my self-improvement.
  • My negative feelings are emotions; my negative feelings are not reality.

And so on. I found it to be helpful and uplifting. And as an added bonus – when you purchase any of Cec’s books, you’re helping provide funding for other aspiring writers to improve themselves.

One of the things I learned at Write to Publish is that I need a separate Facebook page for my writing activities. If you’d like to be alerted to my new posts via Facebook (or if you’d just like to make me look popular :)), here is my Facebook writing page.

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Cec Murphey

  1. I am so glad you found this opportunity and took the step towards making it reality. I sure missed your blogs but kept reminding myself you were improving yourself, while absent.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, SUSAN! I’m thrilled to hear about your special opportunity to attend the writer”s workshop, and I’m especially pleased that you won one of the 10 scholarships.
    I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences while there. I have read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, which was very good, and recommended it to my daughter and others.
    She enjoyed it as well. Now you really ARE well on your way to getting a book published!
    I want to read the first copy and have it autographed by you, of course. It is a hobby of mine to collect books by Indiana authors, and they mean so much more when I actually know the author as a friend rather than simply an acquaintance.

  3. Wow Susan, I am so glad for you. What a wonderful opportunity and so well deserved. I love the stuff your doing! Miss you guys this summer. It seems like schools been out for a month and it’s barely been a week! 🙂

  4. Susan:

    I didn’t know you were a Cec Murphey scholarship winner. I was too, one of eight who were chosen through The Writers View 2. How did you get yours?

    I enjoyed WTP, especially the writer networking. I’ve been here to your blog several times and enjoyed the reading. I’d sign up as a follower, but I can just see my wife asking, “Why do you follow a blog titled ‘Girls in White Dresses’?”


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