Field Trip: Spring Mill

The travel log of the fourth grade southern Indiana trip continues …
spring mill indianaAfter leaving Indianapolis, we headed south on our fourth grade field trip. Destination: Spring Mill State Park. It’s a neat place that I’ve visited since childhood. There is a restored pioneer village. I love this type of thing, but unfortunately we arrived in the evening and there weren’t any costumed folks working in the buildings. But my daughter was more interested in exploring the outdoors, anyway.

unusual tree spring millLike this unusual tree …

waterfall spring mill… or this amazing waterfall …

spring mill creek… or this usually quiet creek, now considerably more active due to all the recent rain.

spring mill innWe stayed at Spring Mill Inn, which was very nice – rustic and homey. My daughter was totally captivated by the little carved birds on the lights.

bird lamp detailAnd of course, the highlight of any overnight field trip (or vacation, for that matter)?

spring mill inn poolThe pool!

spring mill inn diningThe inn had yummy buffets for both dinner and breakfast, which we loved.

Sophie and her teachers

Where are we off to next? Check in next time to see …

3 thoughts on “Field Trip: Spring Mill

  1. Decades ago Ellen lost a flip flop in that stream at Spring Mill State Park.

  2. Spring Mill State Park has always been my very favorite of all of the Indiana parks. The mill fascinates me, and I never fail to buy some cornmeal to take back home whenever I visit. I think that Sophie’s teachers planned a great trip for their students, since many parents never seem to get around to taking their families such places. It always has to be Disney World or some other big attraction. With 4th grade being the Indiana History year, no better choices could be made than Indianapolis attractions and Spring Mill.

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