Childhood Memories Friday: Let’s Go to the Movies

Ah, the things you find in scrapbooks made in childhood … witness this page, where I cut out the little ads from movies I went to and glued them into the scrapbook. Do any of these look familiar to you?

movie ads 1970s scrapbookSome thoughts:

  • This isn’t on the page, but Mom has told me she took me to The Sound of Music when it first came out (I think I was two). She said I sat through the entire long movie, interested the whole time. I guess I liked it even then.
  • Bottom left corner – I remember In Search of Noah’s Ark. I stood in a long line with Dad outside the theater waiting to see it. I was so excited at the prospect of the real Noah’s Ark actually being found! Anything seemed possible …
  • Remember Drive-In theaters? I went to movies at those every now and then with friends in high school. Seems so quaint/vintage now.
  • I remember going to Escape to Witch Mountain with my sister. We loved sitting on the sides of the theater, because the sides had just 2 seats together. We had our own cozy row!

Do you remember going to the movies as a child? Do any particular movies stand out?

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Let’s Go to the Movies

  1. I’m impressed that you were fascinated with SOUND OF MUSIC at the young age of two! It is still considered one of all time best movies ever even yet, and I can’t resist watching it again nearly every year when it is on TV. That movie was big when I was a teenager, and I feel the same way about GONE WITH THE WIND, which was made the year that I was born in 1939. I have seen that one many times since also.

    THE YEARLING and SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS were two favorites that my parents took me to see as a child.
    Famous stars from my childhood and beyond were Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, John Wayne and many others. I read those little newspaper ads and talked my parents into taking me to one of the 3 Huntington theaters in those days whenever possible. The names of the theaters were The Huntington, Jefferson, and Tivoli. By the way, did you know that Huntington still has the Huntington Drive-In running during the summer? It is located east of town on Business 24 about halfway between Sunday Visitor and Lake Clare.

  2. The first movie I remember seeing was at a drive-in, and tt was Star Wars. We didn’t “do” movies when I was a kid – but there was evidently a special dispensation for Luke Skywalker and company, I guess. That was, what? 1977?

    And I remember seeing that “In Search Od” on TV – I had no idea it had been in the theatres. Huh. 😯

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