Field Trip: Indiana State Capitol Building

Field Trip, part 2:

After leaving the Indiana State Museum, it was off for a pleasant walk along the canal to the Indiana State Capitol building.

indianapolis canal walkThen, we waited for awhile in the capitol building basement until our tour guide was ready for us.

indiana state capitol basementWhile the State Capitol building is beautiful and impressive, the basement is nothing special. I think the guide told us that this area used to be used as horse stables.

indiana governor mitch danielsExcuse the cruddy photo, but we were excited to see Governor Mitch Daniels finishing up a press conference where he was signing a Charter Schools Bill. Side note – I’m sorry Daniels has decided against running for President. He’s not the perfect conservative, to be sure, but he’s taken on the powerful teachers’ union (something I thought I’d never see) and has kept Indiana in the black during a time when most of our neighbors are bleeding red.

Indiana State Capitol building interiorThe inside of the Capitol building is beautiful.

indiana state capitol representatives muralsHere’s the house of representatives chamber. I love the mural – reminds me of the Thomas Hart Benton murals, originally done for a World’s Fair, that are so familiar to me from my days at IU. While we were here, our guide asked who our representative was, and I was the only one (among the 100+ students, parents, and teachers) who knew it was Jeff Espich – is it just me, or do you find this odd? Heaven knows I’ve contacted Mr. Espich enough, over various issues :).

Enough touring – let’s go to Spring Mill! (to be continued …)

3 thoughts on “Field Trip: Indiana State Capitol Building

  1. The inside of the capitol building is beautiful. I, too, am sorry that Mitch Daniels has chosen not to run.

  2. Mitch Daniels in the GOP primary for 2012 President would have bolstered up the ratings and interest to a certain degree, and at one time I was pretty much for him running. Now I feel that weeding several wannabees out will help us to focus on the best pick…who knows who the final front runner will be??? At least there is plenty of time yet to figure that one out.

    I love the grandeur of the IN State Capitol Building, too, and I am shocked that you were the only one in your group that knew the State Representative for your district! Appalling, isn’t it? No wonder our country is in such a mess when there is so much apathy among the voters. Like Glenn Beck always says, “When are people going to wake up?” He encourages talking with family, friends, and neighbors about America’s problems at every opportunity and to come up with possible solutions to share with our representatives.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA! Now we need that blessing more than ever before, I think.

  3. Ohh!!! I remember the State Capitol Field Trip when I was in 5th grade! 🙂 I’m only 4 hours from Indy now, so I’m seeing road trip for my kiddos 🙂

    I remember Spring Mill well! My mom and dad go to the Inn about once a month for the Sunday Brunch, and I took my kids there last summer to the Virgil Grissom Memorial, and I have some of the YUMMY ground cornmeal in my freezer:)

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