Menu Plan Monday

Another menu plan Monday:

After months and months of winter, I call this photo “improvement:”

rhubarb strawberriesThose massive leaves belong to rhubarb plants, and I’ll be making a rhubarb pie this week. And the white flowers belong to the strawberries – they mean that in a few weeks, those will be ready as well. Woo hoo! You may notice some … um … weeds on the right. My youngest daughter had the bright idea to take Weeds as a 4-H project this year. This involves identifying, drying, and displaying 15 different weeds from a list. This is a lot, my friend. I find myself in the odd position of letting many weeds grow to a bit of maturity, in order to perhaps use them in the display. This is a very strange feeling indeed … any weed experts out there? I may need your help.

Anyway, here’s the menu for the week. I have tried to do a lot of planning from the pantry lately, with food prices going up and up. There are bright spots, like 10 boxes of pasta I got free with coupons and sales last week. That explains this week’s pasta dish. I used to score that type of deal frequently, but it’s becoming more and more rare.

Monday:  No Bake Rotini Ham and Cheese

Tuesday:  Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas – I’m a little iffy on this as it involves polenta, which I’ve never eaten or made. But, I see that polenta is made from cornmeal. I just bought a bag of cornmeal milled at Spring Mill, where I went a couple of weeks ago with my daughter on her field trip. Might be fun to try making some …

Wednesday:  Pierogies and pasta sauce – I just buy a box of Mrs. T’s … actually I bought a few when they were on sale a few weeks ago. This is a quick and easy meal, which will be good as there is a band concert at 6.

Thursday:  Chicken Salsa Verde – I’ve made this before and it’s good.

Friday:  Taco night – I have some taco kits in the pantry. I’ll make up seasoned meat and have other produce available too.

And Rhubarb Custard Pie (recipe from the Amish Cook, carried by our newspaper) – I made this last year and it was yummy. I used milk instead of cream. Good thing I liked it, as I think I was the only family member eating any … :).


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I usually buy a bag of cornmeal when I go to Spring Mill, although I very rarely go there. It used to come in a fabric bag and I kept one of the bags. It is quaint to see them actually grinding the cornmeal! If you fry fish, dip the fish in cornmeal first. Mother always did it that way. . .

  2. Everything sounds delicious! If you need help eating the rhubarb cream pie, just give me a call, because I love it and Joe won’t touch it. Julie usually makes me one for Mother’s Day, but she missed this year. Guess that her rhubarb wasn’t ready yet.

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