Childhood Memories Friday: Some Things Never Change

I was looking through a scrapbook of childhood mementoes the other day, and came across this little gem:

Sunday School workbook pageWhat’s hard? Surviving a storm? Easy.

Praying? I do it without ceasing.

School? It’s a cinch.

But dusting? Now there’s a challenge.

I remember disliking dusting since childhood. Mom made my sister and me dust each week, I think it was on Friday. We didn’t have to dust a lot, just our rooms, but it seemed to be a huge task.

1970s bedroom shelfIf you’ll look behind my cute cousins, you’ll see my bedroom shelf, wherein lay my difficulty. Because dusting involved picking up each little doo-dad, dusting beneath it, and then putting it back. I remember fervently wishing I could just dust around items, but this was not allowed. To this day, I often decide not to set something out because I don’t want to have to dust under it.

And if you asked me what was hard, dusting would undoubtedly still be on my list. If you come to visit, just don’t look too closely. After all, there are other things to do …

What was hard for you as a child? Is it still a challenge today?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Some Things Never Change

  1. I still hate to dust, for several reasons. I know your mom loves it.

    The cute picture brings back memories.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your feelings about dusting! All mothers teach their daughters to dust at least by the age of 8 or 9 (sometimes younger). That means that I have been dusting for at least 64 years or more. Ugh!!! No wonder I still abhor the job. It is such a terrible waste of valuable time, since about 5 minutes later you can return to the same spot just recently dusted to find some dust settling back down on the same piece of furniture. Heaven forbid if the sun is shining on it, because then it really shows up! Just viewing the dust particles in the air in a ray of sunshine is enough to discourage any further dusting that day. My daughter also hates dusting, so when she was young I started her out on baking instead.
    She absolutely loved measuring all of the ingredients very precisely, instead of just dumping stuff in by guess and by gosh like I usually did when in a hurry. No wonder she grew up to be a high school Math teacher! She still likes working with fractions, using conversion tables, etc., and yes, she still loves to bake.

  3. I despise dusting…Icky icky pooh pooh yucky ducky…

    All I wanted for Mother’s Day was for my boys to dust. I didn’t get it. I guess they hate to dust, too…

  4. I agree with you; I often go through the house and rid it of knick knacks so the dusting will go quicker. When I was a kid I hated eating everything on my plate. We had to be a member of the “clean plate club” before leaving the table even if it meant finishing our liver or lima beans! That was hard, but now I eat just about anything, so I guess the lesson was learned.

  5. If you want to know what Joshua looks like now just take another look at your picture and add a little chub to the face and make the eyes a little bigger…I can’t get over how much they look like each other! Thanks for the picture! (btw, I like to dust, but I don’t ever get around to it…) 🙂

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