Royal Zhu Zhu Wedding

kate middleton cupcakesSigh … the royal wedding has come and gone. And yet, there was more than one. Did you know?

Not only did Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot; there was also a royal zhu zhu wedding and Princess Snowcup and Prince Dashington did, as well (the things you learn from reading this blog!).

coloring crownsAnd we had a party to celebrate.

zhu zhu weddingPrincess Snowcup and Prince Dashington are both Zhu Zhu pets, and they’re cute as can be. At our party, we demonstrated the Magical Princess Carriage, which carried Princess Snowcup to the Magical Princess Castle for the wedding. My favorite part is the Magical Crystal Ballroom. There is a device in the center of the ballroom, and when you attach the prince and princess, music comes on and they perform a dance. Hard to explain, but it is really cute.

Zhu Zhu pets are such cute little toys, and all the kids I’ve observed (including my own) love them. They’re available many places (I know I’ve seen them at CVS), and you can buy all kinds of accessories for them, including princess clothes.

Thanks to Mom Select for providing the supplies that made our Royal Zhu Zhu Wedding celebration so special!

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  1. It was like a royal affair
    With everyone there
    When Zhu Zhu said, “I do”
    to thee . . .

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