Childhood Memories Friday: Cowboy Bob, Janie, & Sammy Terry

Childhood Memories Friday

Did you grow up with Cowboy Bob, Janie, and Sammy Terry? If so, you probably were a child of the ’60s and ’70s in Indiana. I remember all three vividly.

cowboy bobHere’s Cowboy Bob as I remember him, although I have to say he looks awfully young! Cowboy Bob, aka Bob Glaze, had a show on WTTV from 1970 through 1989, and I spent many a fond afternoon watching him in the “Chuckwagon Corral.” He had a dog named Tumbleweed, a … umm, biscuit named Sourdough the Singing Biscuit, and he said things like If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

It seems like once my sister and I went to see Cowboy Bob live somewhere – how exciting that must have been!

Cowboy Bob, Janie, and Sammy TerryAnother TV fixture was Janie, who had a WTTV children’s show featuring a bunch of puppets. And no, contrary to an apparently-popular myth: Cowboy Bob and Janie were not married.

Sammy Terry

wikimedia photo commons; by Mark Carter for the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

And rounding out the WTTV trio was Sammy Terry. Sammy Terry was usually too scary for me, and it was usually on too late, but I remember viewing it when I spent the night at friend’s houses. Sammy Terry (which I read is a play on “cemetery” – ha, never put that together!) was a creepy ghoul with an even creepier laugh, who introduced various scary short movies. The show always seemed to feature fog rising from the ground, and Sammy sitting up inside a coffin, and I found it frightening in the extreme.

Cowboy Bob Update

Bob Glaze/Cowboy Bob, born in 1942, passed away September 16, 2016, in Morgantown, Indiana, of a possible heart attack. He will be missed by a generation of children who loved watching him on his show.








4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Cowboy Bob, Janie, & Sammy Terry

  1. Why in the world would they create a character like Sammy Terry for children? I don’t get it!

  2. Wow! I certainly understand why your parents didn’t let you watch Sammy Terry. I am suprised it went over with any parents back then. My kids would have loved the Cowboy Bob show too.

  3. October 20, 1972 we were watching Cowboy Bob and he announced on his show that Jill won a Pokey Puppy Halloween costume. We were terribly excited! I just checked and we still have the face mask! We went to Ft. Vallonia Days one beautiful October Sunday and saw Cowboy Bob in the Vallonia Gymnasium.

  4. I remember moving to Indiana in 5th grade and not knowing about Cowboy Bob [but missing Ray Raynor on Chicago’s Chanel 9!] and discovering everyone loved to stay up to see Sammy Terry and not getting “why”!!! I still don’t get him!

    However, back “home” in Illinois I had been a brief celebrity–after requesting tickets about the year I was born we got to go to the Bozo Circus show! We got to wave good bye as we left and it was on tv–very cool for ’71.

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