Indiana State Museum

indiana state museumLast week featured a fun two-day getaway for me and daughter #3. First stop:  the Indiana State Museum. I hope every state has a museum that is this neat.

indiana state museumThere are three floors of interesting exhibits. Granted, it can be a little frustrating going through a museum with kids, most of whom seem to have a mentality which enjoys running from exhibit to exhibit, wildly pushing buttons on anything that appears interactive. It’s no wonder those exhibits are often broken.

indiana state museumI loved this facade of an old school … despite our big-bucks schools nowadays, you don’t see a lot of construction this detailed.

indiana state museumHaven’t you always wanted to try on a hoop skirt?

indiana state museumA canal runs by the museum. Yes, it really was used as a canal in the early 1800s.

indiana state museum canalIt was great to eat lunch along the canal with a group of friends before walking over to the State Capitol …

to be continued …


4 thoughts on “Indiana State Museum

  1. I am glad you and Sophie got to spend this quality time together. Lock in the memories.

  2. Back in the day of the big career, I used to run on the canal every day. Seems so long ago that I was a size 8!! The Museum is a treasure and I hope My Man Mitch keeps it going. Looking forward to more!

  3. Sounds like a very enjoyable trip! Making memories are the best way to spend time with your family, both one on one and as a whole family. In my case, the Bear family 31-day trip to CA in 1975 is the best family trip ever, and it will always remain indelible in my mind.

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