Menu Plan Monday – and Royal Wedding Recap

A new week beckons, and with it the need for a menu plan. I’m happy that I only need a short plan this week.

Monday:  Chicken Chile Quesadillas – haven’t tried these yet. It seems that a lot of my recipes come from Betty Crocker emails. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Tuesday:  Cheeseburger Pie – one of the girls’ favorites

Wednesday:  No plan needed – I’ll take my girls to Chipotle where I’m doing a mystery shop. Yum!

Thursday/Friday:  These two days I’ll be on a southern Indiana field trip with my youngest daughter. We will enjoy caving, the Indianapolis State Museum, Spring Mill – and no cooking! Fun!



Okay, the wedding is over and I must confess that I loved every minute of it, from 5 a.m. when I got up. They just all looked so … happy (in fact, I read that a lip reader saw that when they were in the carriage after the ceremony, William asked Kate how she was and she said, “I’m so happy!” – sigh). Even though I loved Diana, I get a much better vibe on these two. I guess that’s what ten  years of dating will get you.

I have to give Kate all kinds of props; she is some commoner. She was just perfection in that dress, and look how attentive she is here, even when sitting down – her posture and composure are perfect. She even upstaged William, I thought, and he’s been raised to live this way.

The wedding music was just sublime. I wish all brides-to-be would take note of how classy it was. Granted, not everyone can get married in Westminster Abbey with professional musicians, but they can still choose traditional, classic music. You can download some of the music at the above link, or just listen to it. I loved the hymn that the bride came in to, and I wish the version on the site was longer. The Widor Toccata from the 5th Symphony is one of my favorites as well. If you can watch the above video without emotion, you’re not even human. Heck, I could cry at that music even if there wasn’t a wedding involved.

I’m also seriously getting into the way everyone held hands out front, instead of the linking arms. Very Camelot-esque and cool looking.

While I don’t think yellow is the Queen’s best color, she did look cheery. And when you consider she’s 85 – and her husband, Prince Philip, is 90 – they both look fantastic!

And my word, was Kate’s sister Pippa gorgeous, or what? Here she is with the little bridesmaids. The one on the left was the girl who kept making faces, to everyone’s delight – she’s Prince William’s goddaughter. The one on the right is Camilla’s granddaughter.

I didn’t love Camilla’s dress – thought it made her look dowdy. But, she and Charles both seem very loving towards and supportive of the couple.

Fun seeing Charles and Camilla with granddaughter Eliza …

I loved watching everyone navigate around the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and knowing the scoop on that – did you notice?

All in all, I can’t imagine that it could have gone any better. Now, best wishes for a happy future.

What did you think? Anything you especially loved? Anything you (gasp) didn’t like?

12 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – and Royal Wedding Recap

  1. I loved what I saw of the Royal Wedding. Random thoughts: The most wonderful music I can remember at a wedding was Audra Lorey’s in Jasper Indiana. It was fabulous and the setting was the stunning massive Catholic Church in Jasper. What a wedding that was!
    My friend Alice commented on Pippa’s figure. She thought it was drop dead beautiful.
    The first wedding hymn was used at Diana’s funeral – I believe I have that fact correct. . .
    The wedding looked like a Fairy Tale to me. May it end like one with them living “happily ever after!”

  2. How amazing. Kate was sublime. Pippa gorgeous. I truly hope they have a long happy life together and look forward to seeing the impact they leave in the future. I could have watched it all weekend. I think I will visit the library for some more royal history soon.

  3. I can’t help commenting on the gowns–both Kate’s and Pippa’s. I went to an event on Friday night with two teenage girls in the car. One of them kept commenting on the wedding. She said Kate’s dress had long sleeves, “but it would have been inappropriate for her not to be dressed modestly in Westminster Abbey.” I had the impression that she was simply parroting what she had heard on TV. No matter! My question is: Why would it be inappropriate for Kate to be dressed immodestly in Westminster Abbey while American Christian women can appear in almost any form of undress on their wedding day–in a church? I, for one, hope this causes an upswing back to modest apparel for brides and their attendants in American weddings. Just sayin’

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    Also, my favorite thing about the wedding were the amazing hats!

  5. Loved seeing very happy Queen/Duke chatting and smiling to each other. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED a very LOVING Dad who let his boy drive his prize collector car!! That had better’d shut up some folks–only a Dad besotted with his son would have done that–even with the traffic stopped!!! Loved it! Also loved the look on Louise’s face as she rode in the carriage with tall cousin Harry! She was in heaven!

    Sorry they didn’t have a giant family photo with EVERYONE, but loved the informal photo–like the one at CHARLES and Diana’s wedding. [Sorry, but there were two folks in that wedding–it wasn’t merely “Diana’s wedding” as they kept saying.]

    Love her or hate her, no one should still be calling her “Camilla Parker Bowles.” While she’s tactful enough to say NO WAY to her rightful title, she is at least Duchess of Cornwall!

  6. P.S. AT the State Museum you may well encounter my h.s. boyfriend! He’s an actor there and does a great job. Have fun–hope the weather cooperates for Spring Mill.

  7. Just popping over to say thanks! So, thanks! 😉

    Wish I had thought to get up and watch (even if it meant being teased constantly by the hubby). Instead, I got up early and worked! Not quite the same…

    I admit I checked out pics of her dress — beautiful!!! I can’t hardly walk from Point A to Point B without tripping over, um, absolutely nothing. She’s so poised!

  8. I love, love loved the little bridesmaid who made faces. She was perfect. And I loved the dress and the music. . .just all of it. The wedding had me smiling all day long!

  9. Thanks for sharing, I missed the wedding so I am happy to view all your pics. It brings tears to my eyes. Such a fairytale, swoon worthy stuff. A Bible study girlfriend said that she was up at 3 a.m. to watch the wedding and made scones and tea.

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