Childhood Memories Friday: Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding

Childhood Memories FridayAll the excitement over today’s royal wedding has brought back memories of the first royal wedding I watched – on TV, of course – Charles and Diana’s.

It was July 29, 1981, and I was 16. I remember getting up early and watching from the living room couch.

I remember the excitement of seeing Diana emerge from the carriage. What would her dress look like? And then seeing that 25-foot train fully extended – today, we’re used to it. But on that day, it was brand new and so exciting. The train seemed to just go on and on and on.

I was captivated by the whole event, and decided that I’d write my senior paper on the wedding. The senior paper was a big deal at my high school, and kids worked on it for a full semester. I remember during my era, anorexia was a hot topic for these papers. I also remember my comp teacher being none too thrilled with my topic choice. I guess royalty was deemed too “lite” in comparison with scholarly themes like eating disorders :).

Anyway, I remember the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments about “This is the stuff of which fairy tales are made:  a prince and a princess on their wedding day.” So beautiful, and I’m just sad that it didn’t turn out that way. Maybe William and Kate can redeem that hope …

Charles Diana royal wedding poster on my college dorm wallAnd the obsession continued. Here I am, just after moving into my first dorm room at IU in 1983. I hung the big poster of Charles and Di – framed, no less – proudly over my bed. I’ll never forget my roommate’s grandma’s question upon seeing it:  “Is that your aunt and uncle?” To which my roommate replied in embarrassment, “Grandma, that’s Prince Charles and Lady Diana!”

Yes, that’s the kind of phone we used back then, hanging on the wall, and no, I don’t think I’ve ever had a tan that dark since.

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding

  1. I was in Africa during that wedding, where we didn’t even have electricity or newspapers in our village. I’m not even sure I knew it took place!

  2. I loved watching the wedding prior to leaving at 8:15 a.m. for work. It was so moving. In this messed up world, how neat to see what appeared to be nearly a fairy tale in its beauty and charm. Those Brits really know how to do a wedding!
    At the Sixth Grade Center I was chatting to students about the wedding I’d watched and one sixth grade girl asked, “What wedding?” She didn’t have a clue there had been a Royal Wedding. Isn’t that sad?

  3. Nice!! I was a junior when you came to IU. I had just about EVERY book published on Charles and then the wedding [still have them in fact]. I didn’t have a poster of THEM but did have one of the Queen and Philip! I gave it to my British politics professor–he was pro-labour but loved it! I thought William/Catharine’s wedding was much nicer, more personal than Charles/Di’s and thankfully the dress didn’t get ruined on the way to the Church this time!

  4. I have been so busy that I only caught a glimpse of William & Kate’s wedding on the news. I have to say that I liked Kate’s dress very much. I am sorry, but I just never could get into those puffy sleeves on Diana’s dress. Kate was gorgeous. I was going to college when Charles and Diana married. Two years after Diana & Charles tied the knot I was married. I still remember a friend of mine gifted me with a card that had a prayer from the royal wedding. I hope that William & Kate have a very blessed union full of love & happiness.

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