Childhood Memories Friday: Grandma is 65

Childhood Memories FridayLast weekend I visited at my mom’s and borrowed some old photo albums. They make for great Childhood Memories Friday fodder.

vintage 1970s grandmas birthdayHere’s a photo of my grandma’s 65th birthday, in 1977. You also see my grandpa. I’m in the back, holding my younger sister Ellen, and my sister Jill is on the right. The other kids are my cousins.

Things I like:

  • My grandma looks really happy. Most photos I have of her, she seems to look rather blank.
  • Check out the cool macrame plant holders.
  • See the laundry hanging on the line outside?
  • The ’70s clothing we’re all wearing. I’m wearing a shorts jumpsuit – loved those things, although they were a pain when you had to go to the bathroom …
  • The window unit AC – no central air back then.
  • The cabinets and curtains all have that vintage ’70s look.

What about you? Does anything in this photo stir up a memory of yours?


8 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Grandma is 65

  1. Great Picture! I wish your Grandfather would have been looking at the camera, but still a great picture. I agree-your grandmother looks very happy; although she did usually look like that in person.

  2. So the cousins are Jonathan, Rebekah, and Matthew.
    Mary Ellen made Ellen’s dress.
    I still use those brown glasses. The brand is Boonton and were a gift from Edna Koehne. Also the Corelle plates were a Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Schulte. I still use them, too. As to clothes on the line, clothes dried on my line the last two days. I don’t use my dryer two loads a year! Why?

  3. The picture brings back good memories. Wonder where I was. Maybe I was there, but don’t remember it. It was before I went to Africa if it took place in 1977. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Love the “childhood memories” posts idea! The first thing I noticed in the photo was the macrame hanger…wonder what that says about me 🙂

  5. How fun to see “little Jonathan”! I think Joshua looks like him! Fun memories – even though I am an “80’s” girl! 🙂

  6. Nothing personal, but what I see is how OLD your grandma looks compared to 65 today [granted there are 40 year olds out here in the boondocks who’ve lived a “hard life” that look way older]. Love the macrame!! We learned to do that in art class & my brother’s best friend had a cottage industry turning out those plant holders!!! Great memories.

  7. I love the picture too. As far as grandma looking old, I think she looks good considering how hard she worked in those 65 years. (That’s no dye job on her hair!) I think people look younger today simply because they are more self-centered than others-centered. I remember her as a kind and reserved person and possessing a “gentle and quiet spirit which is very precious in the sight of God.”

  8. I remember I made a couple of those macrame plant holders in high school. Hanging lamps and plants were all the rage. I am also noticing the red plastic cups. Also the wooden salt and pepper shakers…my grandparents had those too.

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