What is it with Animals?

What is it with animals?

A couple of months ago, a little chihuahua was found in a local house busted for a drug raid. There were also a couple of kids taken from the home, and they didn’t get much press attention. But the little dog did. He was starving, and recovered for several weeks at the shelter before being adopted by one of the police officers who rescued him.

chico chihuahuaYou have to admit, he’s really cute. And what a heart-warming story! I found myself checking a few times a week for updates on him, and cheering for him to make it.

Now the story of a pit bull named Patrick who was starved and dumped into a New Jersey trash chute.

patrick pit bullGifts and donations are pouring in for Patrick, and I say “Yay!” to that.

So what is it about animals that touches us? I feel a lot of compassion for people, but somehow animals can touch me even more (I do feel a little guilty admitting this). But animals are so guileless. They have no annoying habits. They don’t push our buttons. They don’t try to change us – they love us just as they are. Think about it:  when’s the last time an animal annoyed you? I rest my case.

Maybe not everyone feels this way. In fact, my thoughts are probably the reason I now have 5 pets :). What do you think? Do pitiful animal stories pull at your heartstrings?


5 thoughts on “What is it with Animals?

  1. I think I was in another room when this animal love thing got distributed.

  2. I sit with an animal on my lap as I write this. I love her dearly, but she can certainly annoy me! Her way of playing with me is by nipping at my fingers, which is not always a happy thing for me, although it sure is for her. So I can’t say animals don’t annoy me. But having her sleep on my left forearm after she has played hard, makes for a very satisfying experience.

  3. I love animals, but I do worry that our society gets carried away by sad animal stories [which ARE awful of course] and turns its back on abused/neglected kids [not wanting to get involved? scared of _________??]

    I’ve rescued my share of pets. But adopting my kids, after their years of neglect and abuse, was much more satisfying. And, that’s the word from a lady who shares her bed with two cats each of whom has her own blanket and who also gives up one drawer so the 3rd cat has her own bed!

  4. While I have always enjoyed animals to a certain extent, I learned many things about pets on the farm as I was growing up. You can love them to death and spoil them, but you also have to be prepared to give them up when they die of natural causes or in a farm accident (which frequently happens). My most loved Cocker Spaniel dog ever was named Brownie (not very original but descriptive). After his sudden demise, I never did allow myself to get that attached ever again. Too sad!
    Baby animals have always been my preference, especially kittens, puppies, and lambs.
    I sincerely believe that animals know much more than we ever give them credit for. They also have definite personalities and even IQs that are higher or lower than other animals of like kind. I have a granddog named Lilly who is very annoying and not very smart and another granddog named Dierk, who is very smart, gentle, and lovable and never annoying. I do not have favorites among my 3 grandchildren, but I certainly do have mixed feelings when it comes to their dogs.

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